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Lathander's Vision

Up in the mountains, what a wonderful journey. The past few days

I have learned much. It has been long, but the sun in the sky has

brought many visions to me during my meditation.

The first vision I saw was my parents. My parents.. -sigh-

they are well missed. I never really knew them.. I was left at the age

of 5 on my own which I had to live on my own. They abused me.. they

used me as their own slave. They were harsh, they were lazy, they

were rude to all. I remember on my 3rd birthday, they slapped me

across the face because I was weak to pick up something that not

even they could carry across the room. The vision of knowing my

parents have came to me.. that vision was hurtful, yet memorized.

All that matters is you remember the past for what it was, and for

knowing what the past people were like, if you hated, liked, or ever


The second vision that came to my mind is when the

sky turned dark, the clouds gathered around the sky and the tears of

the heavens started pouring into the forest. That night is the night I

remembered my first friend, something I always wanted and desired

for. The vision of knowing a friend, the vision of knowing the personality

and the vision of trust, all in one meditation. This taught me the

vision of one's friendship, the vision of one's help, the vision of one's


The last vision I had was the vision of my lost love. Love

is harsh, yet it's a feeling one can not explain in words, but maybe only

expressions. Love is a weird thing that happens to most humans, for

it's natural. The day I left her was the day that hurt the most of me as

in I lost something that was a big part of me. This medition vision

taught me the most important of all, think upon your actions before

making them. Sometimes things you do cannot be undone, yet it's

like a permanent vacation that ends within' an hour of your life.