Nexus Biographies


Lost Vision

My first thought was that it would take months, or years to realise the vision..

Strangely enough it came shortly after the first two days..

What I saw was strange..

I saw myself in a void of darkness..


Soon after, I began to hear the faintest of noises..


It was no more than a whisper..

It began to get louder and louder, until it felt like it was beside me..

Soon other things started falling into place..

I saw blurred images of..

what are they?..


I could not see their faces..

I could simply make out that they were there..

Also, I noticed something else coming into the image..

Suddenly, different scenes slowly went past me..

The first was of two children..

The first had fallen and broke his leg..

The second child picked him up..

He had carried him many miles..

Until they reached my next vision..

It was of what appeared to be a Monk..

He was in a public place..

With people..

So many people around him..

He appeared to be sharing some of his wisdom with them..

These people were looking at this Monk..

Giving him their full attention..

This was no doubt giving them insight into some of this world..

These people who had been listening...

Had no doubt learned a thing or two...

Next I saw different cities go by...

One's I had never seen the like of...

I saw the people that had gathered around the Monk...

They weren't all together though...

They were in different parts of the world...

These people..

What were they doing?..

They seemed to be sharing knowledge..

from when the Monk talked to them..

The knowledge spread..

and spread..

and spread even further..

Until i noticed something..

This was a chain of events..

One group was given knowledge..

They passed it on..

Seeing this I realised some of Devion's vision..

How could I have missed this?..

So simple it now seemed..

The children giving a helping hand..

The Monk sharing his Wisdom..

The people passing this on..

All added up to what I must do..

After I had awaken from my meditation, I left the waterfall and pondered these events while I walked to the Buyan palace. To share these events. Well, This is just the waking dream of a Monk.

I fare thee well..