Nexus Biographies


A Returning Story

((From Lathander))

:Lathander walks into the circle leaning on his spear, he looks

quite week, his eyes are sore, his face looks run down, and his hands

are quite cold. His spear he's holding has some of the tree bark

ripped off, from the long and saddened journey, a journey Lathander

will never forget, he picks up a piece of paper, grabs some ink, and

starts writing about his vision he will never forget:

Wow, amazing. It's amazing.. this world is incredible. This..

journey. What was it? Was it a dream or a reality? Was it a vision or

a mindfull entrance? I have a small place up in the mountains, it's

usually where I go up to meditate once in a while when I have a lot

inside my mind. It's where my visions came to me, it's where all

my thoughts flow through without my body. It's where.. I saw the

ghostly like figure.

Resting my bag against the tree, leaning the bekyun perfectly

next to my Destiny Spear, the sunset going down slowly. A perfect

scenery. I love the time of day when you can see the sun set, the sky

turns multi-different colors. About to fall asleep in the spot I rest, I

saw a ghostly figure. At first, I'm not sure if I really saw it or not, but

I knew I saw something.

I ignored it.. turned around, looked back at the sky. Suddenly, I felt

myself pushed against the tree with a strong force, someone, or

something's hands were around my neck choking me. It was invisible,

then it let go, and I fell to the ground. Snapping my right handed wrist

that I held in my hand, I looked up, and nothing was there. A cold

breeze flew across my hair, and then the invisible vision came clear.

It was a ghost vision of my mother, oh.. I could remember those days

clearly when I got abused. Very clearly..

She came over to me and said nothing, giving me a strange look

inside my eye. My father was behind her, having his hand up in the

air like he was going to slap me across the face with a scrap of wood.

Tears coming from my eyes, I thought, why did they do this to me?

Why am I always treated so poorly? I looked into their eyes.

In their eyes I saw pain, sorrow, sadness, emptyness. A flashback

came back to me of when I was only three, and got beaten because I

was too weak to carry something heavy across the room. Suddenly,

they moved closer, ready to throw me up against the tree once again,

possibly giving me a concussion. "I love you Mom, I love you Dad,"

I said. "With all my heart and soul, I love you." They vanished.

I sighed deeply, the time flew by so fast I didn't even notice that

it was so dark outside. My wrist, oh so in bad pain still I remembered

I had a bandage in my bag. I'm glad I brought it with me, though I'd

have to get use to carrying all my belongings with my left hand.

After bandaging my hand up the next morning, I got all my

belongings together. I took a walk that took me to a destination

that I finally wanted to be at. It took 14 hours, to walk there, but I had

made it. Walking through the names of stones, I found mine. There I

lay a boquet of roses in front of the grave, a tear falling, and a cry

goodbye. For the last time I'd see them again, for they aren't there.

I got what I deserved, knowing my parents, they hated me, but

my love for them has not changed. A strong word, for not to overuse it

unless you mean it. For my hand healing, don't worry about it. It will

get better in time. Know yourself and others before making any actions,

this way you will learn not only for yourself, but others will learn

too. I am off to sleep now, take care.