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SillyLove's Vision

* Sits under a tree watching the Leviathan's play with their childern*

" So Silly your still here? " asked the Refnard leader of a group warriors that has moved into the area to protect the giants from the agents of blight. they call themselves "Giant friends" day and night they guard the vallies watching for the slavers to return.

" Indeed, there is much to learn here, and the more I watch the more answers I need" I smile,, arleady I have begun to learn a very deep lesson that often gets lost in the small worlds we call our life.

" Well again I would thank you for the skills of healing you've shown to Galden, he will recover in full to guard the valleys again. and his wife thanks you as well." he laughs...shaking his head " never would I have believed a monk would be out so far away from the libraries and temples. But i am glad that you have left the books to see the world" He reclines down next to me.

"I am glad to be here, my Elders vision.. it guided me to these parts, as it first took me into nagnang. a weary people, they always seem on the edge. ready to explode, or run.. Yet look at the magic's that they have opened up to the 'outsiders'. the foods, and weapons. They are a proud people. yet so different from any one from Buya or Kugnae. "

" Well let me give you this to think about... I have traveled the realms for 20 years, I have seen lands you have never even heard of. and the greatest aspect of it all is that.. the difference in us all, I understand myself more now, only because I have learned what others believe. in a way it has confirmed my own beliefs for me." He took out a grilled beef and began to eat"

" It sounds like you believe only your view is right regardless of what others have to offer." frowning

" Ohhh no silly, Just the opposite, Because I have learned about other people and other way, I can now understand my own, not that its and better mind you, but its what I have come to rely on. think upon these giants silly... if I had just come from some farm, never having seen beast that could live peacefully I would have came into this valley and killed many of them in fear.. But beacuse I have seen kindness, anger, love and hate in the realm. I can now say I believe in this or that.." Standing up " well my traveling monk I must go, be sure to stop and say good bye before you move on.

" I will " I smiled...Already think deeply upon the words of my new found friend.


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