Nexus Biographies


Travels of Poledra

On one of my Many Travels throughout these lands, I happened upon a

Village just South of Shilla. I had been Walking for what Seemed Days

without meeting anyone or Speaking with anyone, I had about given up

on seeing any life in those parts.I spotted a Beautiful Willow tree up ahead, and decided to take a break.As it happened there beside the tree was a wonderful Trickling Pond,SO peaceful, Serene. I sat my Walking Stick against it, I sat down against the tree,pulling out my journal and ink to record some things, When I dozed off. I was awaken by strange noises,To find People gathered around me whispering to each other.

I looked around, realizing they had taken all of my belongings. I smiled at them, trying to reasure them, I meant them no harm.After what seemed like Eternity, We started to speak about their lives in this village, and what it was like to live here.They shared with me their ways of survival, which was Thievery.I tried to understand everything they were saying, but there were so many of them talking at once. They ask me to share my Knowledge of survival. We talked for what seemed hours about the ways of life here and everywhere.I decided it was time to head out, when they offered my things back to me.I kindly refused their offer, telling them, that if these items would help them in their ways, I would glady leave them with it. They Thanked me with a bag of food to take on my way.I made my way back home to the Circle, relieved from my long walk, I sat down resting my weary tired body,realizing i was home and so happy to be here. As i sat here, I thought about what i had learned.

That Some Culters live by Thievery,Not because they want to, or believe it is right, but becasue this is all they know to survive.You see the world doesn't all see the ways of Life from the same eyes. What is right to One isn't always the right way to another. All we can do in life is offer knowledge of our own to each other and Help where Help is wanted. I walked away from these people with the feeling of Not every life form is Perfect. Yet We strive to make it better for those around us. Atleast in my travels so far in my Life anyway.


*Still Learning Monk*