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Travels of Sabot

I gazed upon my spear, and noticed tiny sparkling ice shards hanging from its' top. I had never traveled into the Arctic region this far, and I was starting to understand why. The cold air was so miserable. Every movement of my body ached, and I could feel my muscles becoming fatigued. White blankets of snow covered all pieces of earth, and it stretched as far as the eye could see. I did not know my purpose of this journey. My body wanted to turn back, yet my conscious drived me deeper into the coldness. My face was covered with ice, and every few seconds I would brush the pieces off with my glove. I walked until my body could move no longer. As I tried to continue, my legs would not make any movement. I fell, face first into the snow. My first instinct was to beat my arms against my legs, to produce some type of heat. I did this frantically, and I began to panic. Why did I come out to this extremely cold region? Was this my final journey? My mind wandered again, and a rush of energy came into my body. I ran through the snow... and fell again. My legs could not bare the weather. I layed down, with no signs of hope. I became tired... and slowly my head dropped down. I rested in the snow, not moving. The cold air was stricking my lungs, my face was almost completely frozen. With no signs of hope, I started to give up. But then I noticed something strange. Through all the white snow, a yellow blur caught my eye. I lifted my head and noticed a small flower. Through the frightfully cold weather, it was in full bloom. A beautiful yellow hue, it was... and as I saw this flower, I did not think of the cold anymore. I did not feel my muscles aching, and I was not scared. The flower gave me hope and confidence. Such a small, frail plant could survive in the coldest of temperatures. With that rush, I stood, and slowly started walking again. I made it all the way back to Buya, and rested at Pepper Tavern for over three days.

What I had learned on this journey was not realized until many days later... I knew there was something I did grasp, and while resting I pondered about it.

This I concluded:

Nature endures, man does not.

Indeed, I am a traveler, and every day I discover new regions of these lands. I am also a wanderer, and every day I discover new regions of my soul.


- Traveler -