Nexus Biographies


Travels of Sabryna

Engulfed in the darkness of the night's forest, I found myself shivering against the cool winds that gently brushed my skin. Training my night vision was becoming rather tedious, but I was determined to succeed. I walked slowly, my spear in hand, straining my eyes to cut through the black mist of the forest air. I walked more briskly through the unknown forest I had chosen to explore, "This should be interesting," I thought to myself. My feet graced the forest floor filling the air with the crunching sounds of autumn leaves and snapping twigs. Suddenly my foot hit a rock and I stumbled forward, my spear flying from my hand into the forest black just as my face smacked the ground with an astounding "Thump!"

"Oowwwww!!" I slowly lifted my head from the ground only to hear a voice echoing from somewhere above me. The sound became louder as I shook my head to clear my thoughts; trying not to focus on the throbbing pain in my nose and big toe. "Hahahahahahaaa.." the sound was definitely recognizable to me now. Laughter. The shadowy figure dropped from somewhere above me landing directly in front of my face. "Well aren't you a funny little thing," he said chuckling slightly. I lifted my head to peer upwards at the standing figure only to see nothing at all. "Who are you...? Where are you...? What do you want from me?!" I bounded to my feet, my eyes nervously dancing around the darkness all around me.

"What are you afraid of, precious?" the calm soothing voice inquired. I stood rigidly in the darkness, hugging myself against the increasing cold. "I... I cannot see..." I replied reluctantly to the teasing stranger. Just then I felt a warm strong hand grasp my left wrist, returning my beloved spear back to me. The figure now stood directly in front of me. I could feel the warmth of his body close, but my eyes cheated me with the scene of total darkness. He still held my wrist gently as he spoke, "dear precious girl, you go about this the wrong way! You can already see in this darkness. I feel your spirit and it is strong! See with your mind... not with your eyes!"

I stood amazed at this gentle man's words but inclined to do as he asked. I concentrated hard reaching all my senses to try and create a picture in front of me. "I can see your light precious, and it is beautiful" encouraged the stranger. Just then a blue shimmering light began to form around the stranger, his silhouette stationed in the middle. "Blue!" I exclaimed excitedly, "I can see your light, and it is blue!" Just as the words left my lips the stranger's gentle smiling face came into focus. He was cloaked in black robes and his long black hair draped his shoulders, his blue light shining all around him. "Yes... my orange blossom," he said with a mighty grin. I looked down at myself and saw that I shone with my own orange-yellow-creamy light of my own!

"Oh my!" I looked back up to where the stranger had been standing only to see that he had vanished once again. I smiled to myself grasping my spear. I had learned to see without 'seeing'! Even though I could no longer see the stranger I knew he was still right there with me, and if I so desired I could see him again. For I learned to see with my mind, and know the colours of a friend's spirit.


*~Orange Blossom~*

**dedicated to BlackEagle**