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A Tale of a Wandering Monk

In the vision a wandering monk had in his dreams, a traveller is walking

carrying a bag of food and a bottle of water. On his travel, he met kids

that haven't ate for days. He feels sorry for them, and give his food supplies and drinks for them. He continues on for his journey, and he met other unfortunate people and gave them from his boots, coats, cloths and until he's only wearing his underwear. Although he feels cold and freezing, he feels happy that he had helped other people through their suffering. Alas, he went to a place where the giants lived. The giants haven't ate for days, and he also felt sorry for them. He offered his body to be eaten by them. The giants thanked him, leaving his head. Then, the giants gave him a present, a note written "FOOL". Although the travelers received that kind of note, he feels very happy because it is the very first present that the traveler got from helping someone. Then, the travelers died peacefully with a smile on his face.

Destiny in each individual's life is forged based on the action of

themselves. In other words, our actions and attitudes reflects what

destiny we're building for ourself. In my perspective, the vision of the

wandering monk that obtain happiness by helping others is what a monk

should act and be like, but we had to bit a little bit smarter than him. I

believe my destiny is to help others but act wisely in deciding whether to give the 'help' or not. Do not be tricked by some 'tricky' people like the giants.

~written by~

Samaruhi Andee