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Awen's Flame

(The Flameblade **Awen's Flame** was a gift from Druidess NinaKazami to the Druid Elder Supply. She shall hand to the next elder to come, so it must remain in Druid Subpath forever)

<b> **Awen's Flame**

Awen's flame has been an item of my tribe for centuries. It has been passed down from elder to elder, since our history has been written. My father was the last elder to have it, and when he died, I took it, to carry on it legend and pass on its history. No one really knows how this amazing item came to being, but there is a legend...a legend I will now share with you.

My family, my lineage is dated back to the begginng of my tribe. Our founding member was my ancestor. His name was Ki'yak Mauin. Ki'yak was a man of very unusual power. He possed the power to speak with the animals and the trees, what we called the Cshi'daye, or Shaded Dryad. Many people saw him as a crazed man. He would sit down infront of a stream and talk for hours, as if he really were speaking with someone. For years this went on. Finally, he left his tribe and ventured farther into the forest, to be able to speak with it, without fear of abandonment. He was content being by himself with nothing but Our Mother to surround him. He felt her presence all around at all times, and was filled with joy and happiness. As the years went on, and as he grew older, Ki'yak missed the company of his own kind. He knew he could never go back to his old tribe, for he was shunned when he left, so he just waited alone in that forest, until Mother came calling for him. One night, he awoke to the sounds of footsteps...the footsteps of a human. He darted up very quickly and looked around desperatly. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he caught a glimpse of a woman walking down towards the stream. She was laughing and was calling out his name. Almost in a trance, Ki'yak arose and followed this mystery woman. She was so beautiful, he could not resist. Finally, she led him to a small opening in the brush, which led to a steep ravine. In the middle of the ravine, she turned to him and he finally saw her face. He was entranced by her, and would have done anything he told her. The only odd thing about this woman was her voice. It was gentle like a breeze, yet sharp like the crack of thunder. He listened as she spoke.

"Ki'yak, you have been given the most precious gift. However, because of this gift, like many others, you have been shunned and abandoned. You are destined to become the leader of your own tribe, a tribe of people much like yourself."

He stood there in awe, not able to understand what she was talking about, but listening just the same.

"You must go out and find others with the same gifts. Gifts of the Earth. Seek these people, there will be seven more just like you: four women and three men. Seek them from the seven other tribes of this land. After you find them, you will begin your own tribe, dedicated to the Earth and her preservation."

Ki'yak finally mustered up the strength to ask this mystery woman a question.

"How will I know which ones they are? And how will they know to follow me?"

"For that, you must take this." and with those words, she unsheathed a sword that burned with the passion and the fire of all the world and all its people. She went on to tell Ki'yak that this is Awen's flame, a gift to him to help him begin his long quest and to fulfill his destiny.

The next morning he felt like he was dreaming. However, laid out before him was that same fiery sword. On that day, more than seven hundred years ago, Ki'yak began his quest. Ki'yak did as the woman bade him to do. He set out in search of the seven people from the seven tribes of the North. He traveled many wheels and eventually claimed all seven members. The members and tribes were:

Milagra tribe: Tia

Gettier tribe: Hreski

Chobulk tribe: Nansuk

Kesak tribe: Chyldress

Vaiyan tribe: Salkhim

Ryaike tribe: Mijkal

Itan tribe: Yhoshun

Each time Ki'yak entered the tribe's village, each person would approach him, as if the sword was calling out to them, as legend has it. They would beg him to let them bask in the power of the flame, and he did. He became the leader and elder of the tribe. These seven people along with Ki'yak formed the Cshi'en, all united under Awen's flame. They each possesed a power given to them by the Great Mother. To them, the flame represented unity, power, majesty, knowledge and wisdom. But most of all, it represented the essence of their unique and outstanding abilities.

Here I am, the last of the Cshi'en and decendant of Ki'yak. I bring this legend forward so that all may know the majesty and power of this most amazing item. All who gaze upon it, should be honored.


...Shaded Dryad...


_-Acolyte of Anu-_