Nexus Biographies


The Isle of Estangara

My name is Ace. My story is a tale of adventure, chaos and friendship. The tale has been told many times but today; I will begin writing a new chapter in my life. Many things have happened since I left the land of Nexus. Shortly after leaving I found myself in a strange land, and at the end of this land, an ocean lay. This ocean was uncharted territory and had never been given a name. The locals explained it as just being there, although they were not quite sure where. The whole thing puzzled me and I thought nothing of it. All I could think of was sleep.

I awoke to the sounds of the screaming masses. I leaped from my bed and realized that a battle was ensuing outside. I quickly joined in, I was desperate for action and I felt the compelling need to assist the populace. The battle waged on for several days, as battles often do. In the end it was all for nothing, I was defeated in battle by the pirate horde. I often wonder what became of that nation after it was pillaged, plundered and left vacant of the bodies and souls which once populated it...

The Voyage

After my capture I found myself in a prison cell with a guard watching over me closely. He seemed to gaze at me for a very long time before he began to speak.

"So you are the one who defeated so many of our brave men? Well you don't scare me."

"Perhaps you would be scared if you opened the cell for me."

"I said you don't scare me, I never said that I wished to die. If those bars suddenly disappeared I would not fear my death because I would know that I had not caused it."

"Seems many share your ideals, considering the amount of pirates I have slain in the past few days. They never seemed to give up and I kind of admire that."

"I don't need your admiration."

"I said I kind of admire that. I still see you pirate's as murderous dogs who jump at the slightest chance of a profit."

"I am glad you feel that way. I knew that you wouldn't be dumb enough to think that we are anything that one should admire. We have talked for a bit now and I have not even gotten your name. So what is it?"

"My name is Ace of Lastanyos."

"Lastanyos eh?" The guard smirked, "we know all too much about that place. It is where we were handed our only defeat."

"I am glad to see that Lastanyos is still a strong nation even without me. I can not even believe that you attacked it. Even the Eskeans could not win against us."

Quick to change the subject the guard asked, "Why did you ever leave Lastanyos, if it was such a great nation?"

I told him my story, although he tried to hide it, I could see that he was impressed by my adventures. The night wore on and in the mourning I was greeted by the captain of the ship.

"So you are the great Ace I have heard so much about."

"I see that my reputation proceeds me."

"Indeed it does, welcome aboard the Saint Mahego, the greatest ship to sail the seven seas. I am Captain Moltisas"

"Never heard of you."

"That's because we come and go like the winds, no one has ever lived to talk about us."

"Something puzzles me, why am I still alive?"

"Because you are lucky enough to be our guide on the Isle of Estangara. The sword that you fought with is the Eclipse Blade. The fact that you were able to earn it shows that you have great power and courage."

"I am glad that you are impressed by my exploits but what if I refuse to be your guide."

"Look around you boy. My men are everywhere; you have proven yourself to be good but not that good. Besides if you guide us you can have the Eclipse Blade back and we will let you go."

The conversation ended at that point. I thought it over carefully and although I knew the captain would never give up the fabled Eclipse Blade, I decided to help. The captain was delighted with this news and let me free to roam about the ship as he pleased. Strewn about the ship was cutlasses, telescopes and the usual pirate stereotypes complete with a one legged man with a bird on his shoulder. Within the mess hall a horrendous odor filled my nostrils as I ate my meals.

The days seemed to roll on endlessly and I found myself wondering whether we would ever find the island. Unbeknownst to Moltisas I gathered many items during my frequent walks along the ship deck. Among these things I found myself a rather nice Cutlass, a buckler and some rope. I secretly mapped out the entire ship so that when the time was right I could steal back my belongings and leave this ship for good. Well mapping the ship I could not find the Eclipse Blade anywhere. Perhaps Moltisas had it with him.

Before I could finish my investigation of the ship we landed. After several weeks we had finally arrived on the Isle of Estangara. We ventured deep into the jungles looking for what ever it was the captain was looking for. I was in front of the expedition of course with the captain just a few feet behind me. As we continued are travels I came to a halt as I heard a strange noise.

"Wha, what is that?" Stuttered a pirate who was obviously afraid of the sound.

"It's nothing to be afraid of, mates. Is it Ace?" Moltisas questioned me.

"Umm, well, it sounded sort of like a Gryphon."

"A Gryphon? How would you know?"

"Well I have been through many lands and you don't travel as much as I do without meeting some interesting creatures. But the Gryphons I have fought in the past were small, about the size of a lion but this one it sounds bigger."

Suddenly the ground burst open as the Gryphon unsheathed itself from its slumber within the earth's crust. The pirates ran away as fast as they could and I stood there face to face with the monster. It was easily 20 times the size of a regular Gryphon. The lion, eagle hybrid breathed on me and I felt as though my skin was melting. It raised its wings and let out a howl. I tried to unsheathe my cutlass but I was to slow and I felt the Gryphon's claws pierce my skin. Thankfully it was not able to cut to deep into me as I dodged its strike.

I began to gather my energy and let him fell the pain of my Berserk attack. It barely flinched as it raised its wings up and flew high up into the sky. I soon lost sight of it but just as it left my view I could hear it slicing through the air as it charged towards me. Thinking fast, I was able to swing my cutlass just as it materialized in front of me ready to strike. My blow was able to damage the creature's eye. It howled with pain. The creature knew that it would be defeated now that I had stunned it. I decided it would be best to spare the poor thing. Captain Moltisas thought differently though and jumped out of the bush were he was hiding and let loose a series of sword swipes which left the Gryphon decimated.

At that moment I began to feel the familiar feeling of hate. I despised this man and all that he stood for. Alas I was unable to do anything about it for his men far outnumbered me. We continued are travels and quickly realized that he was leading us to the volcano in the center of the island. I decided at that moment that it was time for me to escape. I began to cast Ingress; I could feel my cutlass filling with energy. Using this new power I swung my sword around quickly and cut down five trees in a single swipe. Through the chaos the pirates tried to get past the barricade I had just created. I ran as fast as I could. I climbed the nearest tree with a cunning plan in mind. Soon the pirates pasted by me. As I suspected there were some that were far behind the rest. As they approached I jumped down and dispatched them. Just as I jumped back into my hiding spot I saw a pirate turn around. After examining the area for quite some time he rejoined his group. I followed them to the volcano and I was surprised to see a small shrine at the base.

"We have finally made it men. Within this shrine is the Eclipse Armor. It's to bad that Ace couldn't be here. If only he knew that the Eclipse Blade was not the only legendary Eclipse item. Now we have both and he has none." He began to laugh at the thought of me losing my precious weapon.

He began to enter the shrine but as he did the doors closed behind him. After that the air filled with the sound of stone breaking. Out of the shadows monsters appeared. The pirates tried to fight them off but the beasts were too much for them. After slaughtering the pirates the creatures looked up at me. My only chance was to run, so I did. The creatures followed behind me closely. Just as I thought I had gotten away from them, I felt the air around me thicken.

I don't know how but I made it back to the beach. I lied down on the ground stricken by a mysterious force. I looked up to see Moltisas standing in front of a warrior. I instantly recognized this as the same warrior who I had fought for the right to wield the Eclipse Blade.

"You who have taken the Eclipse Armor from its sacred resting spot. I challenge you to a duel."

"I never took anything it was all under his orders I swear." Moltisas trembled as he pointed towards me.

"Is this true?" The spirit questioned me.

"Of course it's true. Moltisas you pathetic lackey hand over the armor."

"You know what I would rather not do that."

"Is this treason Moltisas? Well no matter I don't need the armor that much," I lied, "I guess I'll just find some other treasure, you can stay here and fight."

"Umm, on second thought here have it."

"Hmm, enough of this. Dawn the armor and let's begin."

I quickly equipped the armor and grabbed my cutlass and buckler from the sand below. I knew that this would be a hard battle considering I had already fought a similar spirit and I barely won with the Eclipse Blade. I prayed that this new armor would aid me in some way.

I gripped my weapon and charged into battle. I decided to open it up with a bang and I let loose with a furious whirlwind attack. The spirit was taken back but was far from being defeated. Steel met steel as our blades clashed in the air. He was able to quickly gain the upper hand on me. With each thrust he drove me closer and closer to the ocean. I tried my best to defend myself but he was able to get past my shield and cutlass. With all his might he drove his weapon into my armor. Thankfully the armor was strong enough to withstand the blow and as he brought his sword back up, I hit his hand hard with my buckler. He dropped his sword and stumbled back. I used this to my advantage but as I lunged at him, he was able to roll out of the way. He tried to reclaim his weapon but just as he was about to grab it, I kicked it out of his reach. I was then able to attack him.

"I have failed in protecting the armor but I fell that you may be a much better guardian then me. You may take the armor and leave now. However your friend can not. I have known all along that it is he who sought the armor. His cowardice in not admitting that gives me reason to keep him here for all eternity." He then struck down Moltisas as he tried to run. Moltisas laid there stunned and the spirit kneeled down to pick up the weapon that fell out of Moltisas's armor. "I believe that this is yours as well."

"Thank you kind spirit for returning my stolen blade and I will also take this armor with pride."

I boarded the Saint Mahego and after casting off I allowed the wind to carry me off to new adventures...