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The First Blossom of Spring

Ever dared to wonder where the first blossom comes from?
It is often a conceived notion that the blossoms simply
appear out of necessity, or tradition, but that is most
certainly not the case. Many have claimed to have the
first blossom of Spring, but that cannot be true...

At the evening of Winter's long reign, the sighing of
sleeping things rumbles within the earth. The eldest
raccoon raises from it's warm-tendered hearth and as
it has always done, greets the sunlight of the paling
hours of setting final day of winter. Raccoon, the
guardian of the night, reaches at the base of a tree,
and picks up one of the fallen cones from the Autumn

This is a special day for the eldest Raccoon, for he
knows, that he brings forth the birthing of Spring's
Sun. The raccoon takes the cone and works it with
his hands, smoothing away the rough outer shell and
working his way to the smooth succulent center.

At last, the cone is ready. It is important for the
cone to be perfectly smooth as an offering of rest
for Winter - not a blemish or mark. Just as the cone
signifies the approach of Winter's reign, it also is
the harbinger of her departure. For the smoothest
center of the cone placed upon the lotus tree in the
center of the great forest, rested while the moon is
highest, will tell Spring of her time to come.

The moon rises closer and closer to pinnacle as Raccoon
makes his way to the great forest lotus tree. With
the cone in hand, Raccoon places it tenderly in place
at the base of the Lotus tree. With a smooth breath upon
the cone, the winds begin to change...

With Raccoon's job done, he returned to his home in the
ground before the raising of the first day of Spring...
whose winds blow every year, bringing forth a lingering
Lotus blossom to where the Eldest Raccoon rests his head.

That is where the first blossom of spring comes from...
and where it always winds up...

Tyr 'Adieu' Sydona