Nexus Biographies


~Muramasa-The Blade of Evil~

The young warrior sat down across from his guild master. His master had summoned him, saying the matter was of dire importance to the future of the guild. He calmly waited as the guild's leader finished his morning tea. The old, bearded man then spoke. 'I want you to retrieve the Muramasa from the Forever Tree's lair.'

The warrior sat with slight confusion in his mind. First of all, he had no idea what the Muramasa was, and secondly, he had only recently achieved the abilities to enter the forsaken liar of the dreaded Forever Tree. His confusion was shown openly, so the master began to explain. 'The Muramasa is a blade of ancient and unknown origins. Its power is great, and would be indeed essential to the power of this guild. I choose you for your lack of greed. The Muramasa plagues its wielder, increasing their somewhat darker sides. However, your heart is humble, and it would less likely corrupt you than some other of the guild. Now go, and retrieve it from the roots of the dreaded tree.'

The youth sprang to his feet and raced for the wilderness

The youth snuck stealthily into the Forever Tree's lair. The tree could easily sense invaders, and the ravens would strike the intruder. However, there were no ravens to welcome him as he entered. They were all in the branches of the tree, and before the tree was the strangest sight. There were twelve creatures standing there, one from each Mythic Cave. They were speaking in godly tongues to the Forever tree, tongues that the youth couldn't understand.

'Don't be foolish,' said the Pig. 'Give us the blade, or suffer the consequences.'

'Foolish!?' the Tree rumbled, 'The Mythic masters form an alliance to take the blade from me, yet they are too cowardly to come and faces me themselves! Ha! That's what's foolish!'

'It would be foolish for our masters to leave their lairs unattended,' retaliated the Dog. 'Even the likes of you would understand that.'

'I have had enough of you all! Time for you to enter the land of the dead!' The ravens shot like arrows from the branches of the tree. The Pig quickly surrounded each of the Mythic representatives with a protective aura. The Rabbit, Snake and Rooster shot down the ravens with their highly potent magic. The Dragon signaled the Ox, Sheep and Tiger to follow him. They ran for the roots of the tree while the Monkey, Horse, Rat and Dog fought off their airborne assassins. The Dragon leapt onto a large root, and he started to beat it with his club. The tree roared in anger, and swept the Dragon away with his claw-like branches. The Ox chopped away the branches with his mighty sword, protecting his comrade from injury. The Sheep and Tiger weaved through the roots, searching for the unholy blade. 'My master said it was lodged in a root near the entrance of Bon-Hwa's residence,' said the Tiger. The two swift creatures made their way to the back of the tree. But they came to find an empty hole in the tree's root.

Suddenly, the tree roared. A human had snuck around and stolen the blade.

'KILL HIM!!!' shouted the tree. The seemingly endless army of crows turned their attention to the human intruder. They flew for him as fast as they could, but all in vain. The man had made it out of the lair. 'Stop him!' yelled the Rooster. The band of Mythic creatures retreated from the Forever Tree's lair, now overflowing with the deafening sound of its anger. ' Where is the man?' said the Rat.

'I know!' The Monkey climbed up a nearby tree and scouted the area. 'I see him! He is going downriver!'

'Kill him!' shouted the Rabbit. The horse ran nearby the bank and began swinging his flail. As soon as it had enough speed, he flung it in the air.

'I've done it!' the youth screamed triumphantly. Then, irony struck like an iron ball and chain. The Horse's flail fell from the sky, and the boat and boy were broken to pieces. The Muramasa sank to the bottom of the river. 'Leave it,' said the Dragon. 'Our work is done.' The other Mythical creatures began to protest, but the Snake intervened.

'We were sent to free the cursed blade from the grip of the Forever Tree. We have succeeded.'

'I agree as well,' said the Ox.

'Then it is agreed,' said the Dragon. 'The blade is left to rest. If it ever falls into the hands of darker forces again, we shall return to retrieve it.'

'Agreed,' they all replied. So then the band left the sword, as it waited for an unlucky fisherman to feed upon'