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Blades and Blood

Long ago, a world much diffrent from our own, existed in perfect peace. There where no weapons, no armor, and no magic. Instead there was only music, art, and crafts. The people in this city where a prosperous one, their lives filled with harmony and balance. They wished for nothing more then the beauty of the land, and the serinity of life. Their culture was so simple and yet, sophisticated in all aspects. There where no 'cast' or 'classes' in their lives, only those who lived and walked.

However, dark clouds and hatred fill even the most purest of souls. A man by the name of 'Rel Shian' developed a martial art's technique that focused on blocking attacks while patiantly watching the enemy. When an opening was made, he would attack the enemies strongest part, throwing the enemy off thinking he would attack their open body instead of their most guarded point, but this was the deception. His attack at the guarded spot would make the opening in an opponate's deffense open even more, providing a much stronger hit that could fell his enemy in a single blow.

Rel Shian was shunned by his people for creating such a thing as "self deffense" and so he left his peaceful city. His travels took him through the depths of his soul, through time itself, and finally through space. He searched for an apprentace that would be worthy of his fighting style, a warrior or a monk who could handle the rigerious training. He found just a soul, Lucious Kinter'a Seko, a young Knight of Tiamatt who would sacrifice his life to protect the innocent at any cost.

Rel Shian took Lucious under his wing, training the young knight in every possible way in the form of "Relshian" styled martial arts. The most potent blow was known as the "Blades and Blood" strike. It required a deep concentration and several repeated strikes to be perfected. It would only work in a one on one battle, and only with a staff or club. When an opponate would open his guard just enough to leave himself vulnerable, the technique would be invoked by striking the enemies shoulders several times with light taps that would be made to taunt the enemy.

After which, the enemy would shift his guard or continue to guard one spot alone. At the point of a weakness showen, the staff would be slammed into the enemy's stomach, forcing the air from his or her lungs as the staff weilder quickly shoves the staff skyward attempting to launch the opponant into the air. If successfull, the opponant would land only to have the butt end of the staff jammed into their back bone, shattering it. This technique was dangerious to perform, but would never fail in keeping your enemy face down in the ground, but at the cost of leaving your own body vulnerable to attack.

Lucious mastered the "RelShian" technique quickly, learning at a rapid pace. But Rel Shian soon noticed his student changing, and as all things say "Absolute Power Corrupts". Lucious fell into madness, using his fighting style to cut through massive armies staying at no encampent long as he looked for one who could 'defeat him' in combat. Rel Shian took up this challange, Master against Student, a sacred bond shared between the two and broken by the challange.

For three days they exchanged blows, neither one opening their guard since they knew each other's moves. But in the end Lucious won the day, his knowledge of another fighting style gave him an edge to strike when Rel Shian could not see it. The visitor from another world fell to his own technique. Blades and Blood was his undoing, his guard opened by a cheap sucker punch for to long, brought down by his student.

Luckily, Rel Shian had taught another Knight of Tiamatt. Alora Darkflame, Leader of Lucious' clan. While she did not use the fighting style unless needed, even Lucious could not block the arrow that peirced his heart after his Master was put down.

Let not the limitations of your mind, stop your infinite imagination. ~Allester E. Darkflame