Nexus Biographies



Today I went on a scouting mission to the Grim ogres of Hamgyong nam do. To prepare for the mission I gathered aqua potions, muddy potions, and life blossoms. I found my strongest armor, my feircest weapon, and some ambrosia to keep my strongth up. I had heard rummors of enemies amassing. I set out with my pack, my training sword, my father's sword, and my restorative and protective items.

The cave was dark and damp. I slowly snuck around each ogre, I came upon, using the crevices as hiding places. My mission took me deep within, until I found a slimier than usual Ogre. I noticed the Ogre carrying a weapon other than a club, so I followed it as is slowly grunted its way through the cave.

Deep within the home of the Grime ogre I found it, the target of my mission. The slimey ogre had led me to a hoarde of weapons, much stronger than those usually carried by the ogres. Atop this hoarde of weapons sat a larger than usual ogre carrying a log as his weapon. I quickly wrote down what I learned, and stored the scroll in my pack, just in case.

As I turned to leave the cave, I tripped and fell, a loud thud traveling through the cavernous dwelling. As I got to my feet I could hear the roars of the ogres. I was surrounded, and had no choice to fight my way out. Blade met flesh, bone, and club as I fought my way to the exit. Exhausted but alive, I drug myself onto my trusty steed, and rode into the kingdoms, to deliver this message.

As I send this to you I am mounting a mission to stop this threat. I look forward to reporting the annihilation of this weapon hoarde.