Nexus Biographies


New World

Covered in rags I kept on walking along the path to my destiny, I didn't care if I knew nothing of where I'm heading. All I cared about was leaving... leaving the world I left beind. That was all that was important, leaving the world I had struggled so hard to run from. I shall never go back there, nothing was left there for me.

The gray sky above just stared down right back at me, its been days now, and not a drop of rain. Yet the gray sky is still there, fallowing me. Have the sin I commited angered the Gods so much, that they will not get a ray of sunshine smile on me?

"Halt! Who goes there?" I was suprise myself to see the guard standing there, the tall walls surounding the land streched farthure then I could see.

"Where am I?" I asked so soft, that I wasn't sure I was talking, or wispering in my mind. I could see him eyeing me, I'm use to this. I would eye myself to, its not everyday you would see a younge girl as myself walking around in the wood.

"Your at the gates to Nexus, the Kingdom of the Winds." He smiled down warmly at me. Nexus... I did now I have traveled this long, this far. It felt just like yesterday I ran away.

"May I please pass?" I could sware I was bout to cry, I have finaly made it, the land of great legendary heros and the great people with great destiny.

After a few moments of questioning he finaly gave me a sword and set me on my way. I was so confused and fasinated! The lively people, the many nick nacks they had, the great lovely dressed they wore! I almost forgoten how I looked in my rags.

After a while it all sank in, even though I had came to this great land, with so many new thing, I was still me. A peseant girl, with no family, no past, and no hope of a furture. It was enough to make even the strongest of men cry.

"Are you new here?" I look up to see a young Rogue, who was very dashing, and seem to be consern. What am I thinking? There was no way anyone could care for a wench like me. "Hm... would you like a mentore?"

"A menotre?" I had no idea what that ment at all, yet yet staring into his eyes I could not refuse. He took me by the hand, and gave me a warm smile. Somehow... I felt he was the destiny I was looking so hard to fine.


~Diviner of Light~

~May Fortune Smile on You~