Nexus Biographies


The Sevenleaf Sword

The rain poured against the roof of the small hut, wind whipping around the sides, blowing the door open. A small child and his mother were cowering on a chair in the far corner of the room. They could hear the roof start to moan as it pulled from its bracings. With a sudden gust, the roof flew off the hut. Rain poured in, and wind blew about. The child clung to his mother as the lightning flashed above them. Thunder echoed in the small valley. Shaking, the mother tried to shield her son from the miserable pain of the hail. Lightning flashed again. A face appeared in the sky. Its eyes came with an evil smile, that to them, seemed to enjoy watching the poor helpless mother. The thunder came along with another bolt of lightning, striking in the middle of the room. The shock knocked back the mother and weeping child against the wall.

They awoke the next morning to find everything of their hut and items gone. The son ran to the middle of where the hut used to be and saw the imprint the lightning made: "MC."

Afraid, the tiny child ran to his mother and wept in her arms. She cradled him. Slowly she started to weaken her grip - slowly, slowly... Her arms fell limp. The child looked into his mother's eyes. He dug his face into his mother's bosom and again wept.

Many Yuris past. The child had become a fit and powerful young man. He grew stronger and stronger each day, learning from the powerful Do. Longing for the power to destroy the one who had killed his mother, he grew blind to the fact that he himself was growing farther and farther from her.

The man decided it was time to face the evil of this unknown villain. He set off against the advice from his masters. Into the sunset, he rode. The birds sang as though to comfort him in his quest to avenge his mother.

After many Yuris of searching, he returned to his village to find that it had long been destroyed. As he approached the middle of the square, a shape took form. At first he thought that it was a ghost of his masters, but after a few moments it become more clear. Those eyes could never be mistaken as somebody elses. Drawing his sword, he charged at the man, only to find that his enemy simply sidestepped with the greatest of skill. The man threw a dagger at the mage at his right while charging to the left. The mage dodged to the left of the daggers, only to be stuck by the sword. A trickle of blood touched the sword. Slowly the sword started to turn a pale blue color. The man dropped the sword as it flashed a bright yellow light. Turning his face from the light, he heard the sword rattle on the ground. Slowly he turned again to face the sword. In its place lay a black handled sword with six out-shafts. The mage's body had also vanished. In his place was left a note: "You have found your calling. This sword will protect you through all you may face. Each leaf is for the skills you honor. The seventh, is your soul."

Author: Billah