Nexus Biographies


A Great Ordeal

One day I was meditating and I heard a voice calling to me, "Charmie..Charmie..CHARMIE!...You've killed many of my brothers and I want Vengence!..Come to my dwelling known as Grub Hunt, I'll be waiting for you there if you dare!" Surprised by this challenge I ended my meditation and contemplated. "Isn't Grub Hunt a place of pig dwelling?" I thought, "Yes it is, it must be the Pig Avenger then." I have slaughtered many pigs in my time on this world and it would seem that it was my time to pay for it. Taking my spike, my spear, my shield, and my sword, I bid farewell to my family and headed towards my destiny.

The home of the pigs has never been very clean and this day wasn't any different. The stench of this place was at least bearable. The journey to Grub Hunt was tiring having to run from oddly colored blue pigs and muddy brown pigs, I knew I would need all of my energy for this fight and could not waste it on underlings.

Arriving at Grub Hunt I sensed a great aura, one that put a very big pit in my stomach. I could not turn back now I'd gone too far. I saw a light and walked toward it, to my surprise it was coming from the Pig Avenger himself. It was a great beast twice my size with a fantastic glow surrounded by some very plump hogs. "So you've come," the giant said with a smile, "Don't worry, they are only here to watch me kill you! Draw your weapon!" With those words he lunged at me.

Quick to react I drew my spear and stabbed it through his stomach, he only laughed and snapped off the shaft. "What have I gotten myself into?" I thought as my foe walked toward me. With no idea on what I could do I grabbed my spike and shield off my back and attacked it. I began circling around him franticly swinging at his legs and waist, doing little damage and dodging his offenses by a hair. Caught up in the fury I jumped in the air towards his head hoping to kill it, I was wrong. With a mighty swing of his arm I was thrown back into a wall, my shield shattered and left arm broken I was beginning to lose hope. My spike was battered to a nub from my offenses, all I had left was my sword. It just stood there laughing at me. "I think I'll have some fun with you," I heard him say to his underlings, "Now watch closely." All of a sudden a light comes toward me and I'm blinded, surrounded in darkness all I could do was listen and wait. I heard sounds of thunder and quickly jumped from where I was standing, running and jumping doing all I could to dodge his attacks until I tripped and fell, I regained my sight and stood up. The same thought kept going through my mind, "What can I possibly do to defeat him?" Desperate times call for desperate measures so I did something stupid, I ran towards him. "It's time to end this!" I yelled, "Agreed!" was my foe's answer. He swung his mighty arms down at me and I rolled between his legs, I turned and slashed his legs then jumped up and sliced down his back. He let out a loud yelp of pain and turned around, I dashed by him and stabbed into his side. Withdrawing my sword I had an idea and ran into the shadows. Staggering around he followed and looked for me. When the time was right I quietly jumped from my hiding place and stabbed my sword into his heart. "NOOO! I can't die! I am the Pig Avenger! Damn you Charmie! Just you wai..AIEEEE!" and with that he burst into flames. Limping I picked up my scorched sword and shattered shield pieces, made a prayer, and walked by the hogs mourning for their brother. I was almost out of the cursed place when I heard a voice, "What?! You think it's over?" To my dismay I turned around and found myself facing his brother the Spirit Pig. I let out a sigh and threw my sword with all my might into his skull. He dropped to the floor and left this world in the same fashion as his brother. I made another prayer, placed my sword on my back, held my left arm with my right, and limped home to rest for a long long time.