Nexus Biographies


One More Time

Born in the fall of the 16th year of Yuri's reign, the little girl called Chelipop was once again standing out- side the Mythic Rabbit cave, preparing for battle.

"One more time, "she said to herself.

Taking a few deep breaths and casting her spells for preparation, it was not long before she found herself before the Rabbit boss and his small ambush of creatures once again. Coming too near to death , she had to flee the cave, feeling slightly dejected.

"One more time, "she said to herself.

Not well-versed in battle for lack of experience due to her young age, all that the little girl learned was through her own curiousity and eagerness to learn . The army of Nagnang turned her away when she was below her 30th insight, of course, and she was determined to serve her kingdom some other way . Days later she had found a scroll containing stories of the Chongunate. She was ab- sorbed by the stories of honor and valor, promising her- self that nothing would do a better service to Nagnang than the process of her becoming a Chongun. Now at her 99th insight, she decided to begin. Being a silly little girl, however, her first mission was to obtain a Lucky coin for her friend Scry's spell.

After finding a poet to mend her wounds and remove the curses, she purchased some Scrolls & potions to aid her. More rabbits had ambushed her on her way to the boss, however, and she had to leave again.

"One more time, "she said to herself.

Life blossoms and Bear's livers weighing down her pink pack, she took to the cave again, watching out for traps and making use of her provisions. When finally her blade felled the rabbit leader, she lost her concentration and stepped into another rabbit ambush, and - too wounded to fend off the unexpected attack - died.

"One more time, "she said to herself, as she left the home the shaman.

Cheli returned to the cave, gathered the items she had dropped & the coin that rabbit leader had left. Finally, after completing the task she had set out to do, she opened the little diary she kept in the front pouch of her little pink backpack. While the entries she had written were far from amazing, the idea of being able to look back on all she'd learned and gone through excited her enough to continue writing.

Tapping the quill to her nose in though, she ended her entry with the lesson she had learned for the day:

" Success

is getting up

just one more time

than you've fallen down."

~Warrior Chelipop of Nagnang