Nexus Biographies


My Dark Past the Starting of Choas

I' am DarkPhantomX My life has been a puzzle since I was born. my past is almost lost. All I remember was that I had no family and I was know as X. I only had myself I was in land far to the west. I remember I was a held in chains as just a child I was in a prison until one day. A massive attack hit the jail I looked to see who it could be a army or Rebels but It was just one man as the guards came out hit he struck them down like they were just Standing still it turns out he was Rion the legendary Phantom Knight. He had come here to save his sons and he saw my on his way out and he got me out. For the next year I lived with him and his two sons my brothers Polaris and Meta. They had been changed unlike most of our people they had elemental powers. I did not know nothing much about but their powers. I traveled with them fighting growing until it happened as SunMoon Clan knows of the Great Evil called Krakis he attacked us he had been Searching for Rion. The two of them fight for a whole day until Krakis got mad and almost killed Rion. but Krakis did something worse he turned Rion Evil and then Polaris and Meta were also turned evil. But when Krakis saw me he said "you your still alive!" he then yelled "the Phantom of Choas is still alive!" he then Picked me up and threw me I woke up outside of Kugnae but I still wonder what did he mean by Choas Phantom I woke up but I felt like I was spilt in pieces and I learned I had been spilt in my past I knew a little of each elemental magic but now all I had was darkness