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Betty, the jumping goat

Many years ago, there used to be a tale commonly told to kids about a very special goat by name of Betty. This goat was not very popular because she was not very pretty, and other goats would make fun of her, teasing over and over making the poor goat cry.

One day, a joyful muse was deep in the wilderness taking a bath near a waterfall, singing her poems with a lovely voice; and Betty asleep nearby was dreaming of been in a huge plain with flowers everywhere running around with many goat friends and playing different games. After a while, Betty woke up and could still hear the beautiful melody coming from the muse's voice. She crawled closer to the waterfall, trying to see who was singing such a beautiful melody. Once she was able to see, the muse noticed movement in the bush nearby and got out of water scared, but she heard the sound of a goat and she walked to the bush the goat was hiding in cautiously. Betty came out of the bush so the muse could see her and not be scared anymore. The muse thought, "Such a cute goat!" while Betty was staring at the muse. From this day on, the muse had adopted Betty and they had been very happy; but deep in Betty's heart, she was still sad because she missed the other goats and she wanted to play with them too.

One spring, after so many years together, Betty had learned many things with the muse; she was specially good at drawing. Betty had become so smart that she could communicate with the muse through drawings and one day, she explained to the muse about her sadness.

A moon passed as the muse thinking, trying to find a solution to Betty's sadness thought of something. She was about to teach Betty how to jump! That afternoon, after having a delicious lunch, she called Betty to come outside, that she wanted to teach her a trick.

The muse had set four logs one after the other, leaving a small space between each other. Then she started jumping log by log and asked Betty to do the same. At first, Betty couldn't jump any of the logs, but as days passed she became a master at jumping logs, and then she realized she was jumping!

Summer was approaching, and Betty knew this was goats favorite time to play together outside, so she asked the muse if she could go meet with the other goats. The muse walked along with Betty to the place all the goats lived, while talking about things they had done in the few years they had been together.

Once Betty arrived, none of the other goats noticed her, they all continued like if no one had arrived; playing with each other and having fun. Betty decided to start jumping around, to show the other goats what she could do. She started jumping and on every jump, five more goats turned around and stared at Betty jumping up and down while going around a bunch of flowers. Few minutes later, she had called the attention of every single goat around; all the goats started to gather around Betty and began talking to her, asking her to teach them how to jump like she was. Suddenly, all the goats were interested in Betty and all the things she had learned with the muse. Betty was extremely happy while teaching all the other goats how to jump; but they couldn't jump as good as Betty could.

Two days went by like leaves falling from an oak tree, and one of Betty's new friends said, "I know what we should do! Lets have a muse adopt each one of us and teach us different things, then we will all be like Betty!". All the goats started to mumble things around until one of them yelled "Yes, lets go; grab your muse and have her adopt you!".

All the goats were so happy that they could learn like Betty had done. Betty returned to live with the muse took care of her for so many years. One night, the muse told Betty, how much she had helped her, all those feelings Betty had shared with her had inspired her much while she was writing her poems and stories.

Second place, Elendhirin Story Contest

Baekho Diahann