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Death's Head

Good evening kids.. Tonight I have a very nice story to tell you. It's about an evil mage that lived in these lands thousands of years ago..

Well, lets begin..

Once upon a time, there was a mage apprentice, apprentince from Sute, the evil Wizard that is now sealed in a cave in Buya. This apprentice was called Hyoshu.

Hyoshu used to live by the mountains near Artic Land, where life was almost extinct, very few were the animals that lived there. Hyoshu used to practice his teachings from Sute on the few animals that live in the Artic Lands.

One day, Hyoshu's master, Sute, sent him on a quest to obtain more power, to be able to start this quest; first Hyoshu must have been under Sute's training for 40 yuris, and then gather numerous materials to forge a staff of power. For the gathering of these materials, Sute had made him a spell..

For the forging of Sute's staff of power..

You must look into your own mind,

gather from the stars their powder,

and also from the woods a silver tree branch.

Look into your soul young mage,

as you may need more will than you have..

A skull of a mighty skeleton cut by half,

and also an ancient's book page.

For the forging of my power staff,

more than knowledge you will need,

will you need might, knowledge and will?

all I know is at the end I always laugh.

Then Hyoshu had a strange feeling from the power coming from his master. But he didnt give any importance to it, and he went on to gather these items. First, he meditated for several days trying to understand his master's words, and then he had realized he had accomplished the first item he had to gather. A few days after, he realized that he knew the rest of the materials he needed to gather.. and they were: Stardrops a silver tree branch, Deathwish's skull, Paper as old as the moon, and the will to do his master's quest.

So Hyoshu went on to gather these items, he had gone to get the stardrops, as he had lived forever in the Artic Lands, he knew where to get these easily, and he went to slay artic ogres for the powder from the stars.. Later, he had gone to the wilderness to gather some branches, see if he could find any silver enchanted branch. He easily found a wandering merchant to sell him the paper as old as the moon. But he still couldnt figure how to obtain Deathwish's skull, since its power was hard to match.. But Hyoshu had a plan.. He had planned to use his magic powers to convince Deathwish's minions to aid him in killing Deathwish and bringing him the skull. Hyoshu went to the polar caves and used his confusing magic on these monsters, until all of them had betrayed Deathwish, and its skull was dropped.

Now Hyoshu had every material he was asked to gather, and headed to his master. Once he got there, Sute said.. "You have worked hard for this staff, now I will cut Deathwish's skull it in half and start the process of forging my staff of power.." And Sute pulverized the stardrops into powder and wrapped it with the ancient paper. Then he put the ancient paper between the two skull halves. Minutes later, he said to Hyoshu.. "Well Hyoshu, theres still one material missing, your will to forge this staff.." and Hyoshu replied "Theres nothing I wouldnt do to get this staff". Sute had changed his face, and said, "Alright, your staff will be done, but to pay for your avarice and your lack of will of forging it, I will take your life". Suddenly magic lights appeared everywhere around Sute and Hyoshu's life started to be drained. There was horrible screams and suffering thoughts coming in and out Hyoshu until his soul was drained from his body. Then Sute said, "may the soul of this victim of my power and his avarice rest in the heart of this staff..". Then the shinning skull was hit with the silver tree branch and formed an odd looking staff. Staff which held the knowledge and power of this young mage apprentice, who failed to accomplish the quest given to him, for his lack of appreciation for this weapon but for the power it could give him, degradating the weapon itself with his own avarice and his lack of will to to stop himself from such avarice.

Sute laughed evily, and the staff disappeared throwing fast moving sparkles all around the word, so that everyone would know the story of Hyoshu, the young greedy apprentice..

1st place winner - Do one Hour Story Contest

-Baekho Diahann