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Legend of a Fallen Angel

Many years ago, before Yuri's reign began, there was a common told story by bards, story of a fallen angel.

Legend of a Fallen Angel

"Everyone! Come around, I have a great story to tell all of you today!" said the bard.

"Hey, look! It's a bard!" said the villagers.

"This story is about the legend of the fallen angel! Come listen to it!" said the bard.

As people gathered around the bard, he began with his story..

Some time ago, not to long ago.. There was a well known monk, who was leader in his tribe; he had been known for been reborn several times and each time he had better opportunities as his karma was growing through his good deeds and thought.

A kid asked the bard.. "what is karma?" "Karma is a reflection of who you are as a person" answered the bard and he continued with his narration.

One day, this monk after one of his teachings to his students about karma, he decided that he did not want to be reborn anymore, that he didnt want to suffer anymore. He thought about it all day until he went to bed; time seemed to be slower and the monk was becoming desperate, losing his patience. A few moons later, the monk thought of trying to buy karma by convincing other people to help him do good deeds to them and paying them for it.

The monk went on with his method to 'attain' karma, until one day he thought he had reached the karma requirement to be able to go to Valhalla. Next morning, the monk was found dead near his rustic bed, with a knife in his hands.

"Well, this other part of the story is not confirmed, but seems to be pretty true as it has been studied by many magicians" said the bard.

The monk had reborn once more, this time as an animal without reasoning; downgraded from a human, monk and tribe leader to a simple butchery animal. The monk had been cursed with what we call today Squirrel karma, he forsakened his own karma by trying to obtain the karma he desired so much to stop his suffering. His greed corrupted his soul, his qi and his karma.

"This is why you should never try to cheat your own self, as karma is a reflection or you as a person; its the energy similar to qi that flows around you and lets other people and animals, without directly feeling it, know who you are as a person." said the bard to conclude his story.

People in total silence started to walk away and think about the story, learning from the bard's words and knowledge just to continue another day with their usual routine.

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