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A Rogue is Born

A Rogue is born

Long ago in an ancient ville, the tribe that used to live far from all the big cities; there was a tradition, to bury the newborn's umbilical cord along with the seed of a certain plant. This tree would mean the life of the newborn, all of its happiness and sadness, glory and defeat.

Years passed and this village was abandoned, few people kept the village's traditions, among these was an old lady who was about to give birth to a beautiful girl. On the girl's birth, the umbilical cord was buried along with the seed of the special tree; this would mean the beginning of a new life. The girl was later named Diahann in honor to the ancient hunting goddess of beauty. The girl was trained in many different hunting ways, she was taught martial arts and how to use weapons correctly, for offense and defense.

One night at a campfire, after many moons of training, Diahann was told about a legend that came from other villages... This story was about the path, path of rogues which was not very popular in those times, yet amazing to the young girl. She was so interested in this legend, that she decided to explore far away from her tree of life to learn more about this legend.

Few days later, Diahann found a town which she had never heard of before, the town of Buya. There she rested for the night and on the next morning she started her journey by asking habitants from the town about the legend. There she was told how the legend was true and how there was a way to join the rogue path. They directed her towards the west, to seek the ancient temple of the white tiger. On her way to the temple of the white tiger, she was worried about her tree of life, if someone would be taking proper care of it...

Moments later she arrived to some high wooden fence, she walked around the fence until she found an entrance, which held two big statues of a white tiger. Immediatly she knew this was the correct place, she could feel it in her heart. She cautiously walked in, as the floor was cracked. Suddenly she started hearing whispers, but she couldnt find where they came from or even understand what they said... Out of nowhere a person with old dusty clothes appeared in front of her and asked her what did she seek in the temple. She told him about the legend she had heard, and he asked her if she was ready to be tested, that he was a rogue master.

The rogue master gave her a mission of collecting certain types of food which were only obtained from hunting some animals. Once she was back with the food he had asked for, he knew that she was worth of joining the path of the rogue. He gave her armor, some food, money, a scroll and a Swift sword. Amazed was Diahann by all was given to her, but even more amazed of this sword given to her, from the perfectness it had; the most perfectly crafted sword she had ever seen. She wondered if the weapon would accept her as its user. The rogue master told her that it was the strongest sister of the two weapons of that kind, and also told her not to fear the weapon rejecting her as he had witnessed that she was worthy.

Diahann wield the weapon with pride and trained with it during many moons, she even made her travel back to her tree of life in one day by using the swift sword. She could feel the swiftness of the sword, how the sword let her accuracy be so accurate, and her strenght grow along with the weapon. The weapon and Diahann were sharing the same spirit now. When she arrived to her village, she found her tree of life shining more than ever. Her mother had been having dreams about her returning holding the swift sword with pride, and when she saw Diahann at her tree of life she immediatly recognized her and ran into her with such happiness to see her again and that she had been succesful in her journy.

There, Diahann's mother told her that she knew that the swift sword and her were sharing the same spirit; and told her not to worry anymore about her tree of life, as it would always shine as long as she kept in a good spirit and faith in whatever she did.

Moons passed and Diahann grew stronger, now reaching the Il San rank. Still proud of her swift sword, even as an Il San she wield her sword with pride; not only because of its many memories with it, because of it becoming her own tree of life.

Today there still roams rumors of a legend of a rogue called Diahann who had the priviledge of witnessing the white tiger god, who blessed her with his powers and knowledge which she used wisely to continue through her life; honoring her name and her sword. People today still mention about a saying Diahann used to say "Never understimate a weapon".

Second place - Do one Hour Story Contest

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