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Legends: Volume 1: Beginnings

Written by Dritz

Every sunrise, everyday, I am reborn, more powerful then ever. I have killed, pillaged and rained chaos upon the masses and I enjoyed every minute of it. My heart remains black and tainted and memories of these moments still fill me with pride. Through my trials I have emerged unscathed and more powerful then the gods my father hated so much. Now here I stand a member of the face less masses, a symbol for good. The journey to reach this point has become legend and now I have come to share it with you.

The Celestial Garden

High atop the clouds lays the Celestial Garden and it was there were I was born. The ground itself emitted a light blue color and power flowed freely throughout. Here is were the gods speak, if only to themselves, it is here were their true powers lay. They watch ever so closely upon the world and gain energy from their followers.

Not only the resting place of the gods the fantastic garden held all life. The lives of thousands could be felt as you pass by a single leaf. The fantastic plants and animals reeked of pure untainted life force and made you feel as though you were all powerful.

That's were they got you. The creatures of this hellish place that is. Your power is nothing compared to that surrounding you, one bad harvest and you would be dead. The gods immortality was a mere toy for the garden to play with and play it did. You see it is this foul garden that invaded my fathers mind and unleashed his inner darkness.

My father an immortal not a god. This fact tormented him from day one and his anguish fed the plants and they grew. Every passing moment they became stronger feeding of the immortals and slowly, ever so slowly they tore apart the small gods. Now even those with the strongest will and the most followers have at least a small plant wrapping it's roots around their mind.

I stood by my father as he gazed down. The events happening all over the world were plaguing his mind. I glanced over every so often and felt sorry for my tortured father as he winced with pain. I to felt it, there was something wrong. Finally it was to much to bare I rose my head up and uttered a few words to him.

'Father what is it that troubles you?' My comment barely stirred him from his silent prayer. 'Do you even know?'

Hesitantly he to rose his head and whispered to me, 'the gods are toying with us my son. They feel threatened by our presence and so they have stopped our life cycle and thrown down the gauntlet. They seek to challenge and see if we are really worth the energy which this garden gives us. Surely you have felt your powers being weakened?'

'Yes I suppose I have but I felt for sure that it was merely some small discomfort.'

'It is no small thing my son.' He began to struggle as if he was wrestling with what he was trying to say. Finally he was able to tell me the full extent of what the gods had done, 'they have stopped the sun from rising. The earth is forever waiting for it's dawn, I don't know why but it seems as though fate is calling to me. I have come to believe I am the only one able to stop the horrible events taking place there.'

'Why you father the other immortals must have felt it to.'

'Yes but I fear they can do nothing but watch in horror as their lives are slowly taken away from them. I'm afraid that it is I the gods have chosen to take their challenge.'

'But how can you undo what the gods themselves have done.'

'I do not know for sure but I feel a strange calling coming from a small kingdom deep within the mountains. I feel it is there were our answer has buried itself.'

'If you must go father then I will accompany you. '

'Do as you wish my son but I assure you that your presence is not needed.' He sighed, 'But if you insist then perhaps your brother will come along to. We could make it sort of a family vacation.' He managed to laugh a little uneasily in a desperate attempt to lighten the mood he had set. Even as I walked away in search of my brother I couldn't help but look back and notice the pure terror painted across my father's face.


My brother, Malchan is a truly disturbed individual. Father and I knew this from the start but for the most part we chose to ignore it. From the day he was born the plants wrapped every inch of him up in their roots. His eyes glowed with pure evil and his mind was filled with delusions of grandeur.

He always wished to overthrow my father but to his dismay, father never showed any sign of weakness. Even if he could somehow take over the dark army he would always be destined to lose against someone, somewhere out there.

In a way I felt sorry for him, his power seemed so restricted. No matter how hard he trained he could do little but keep up with me. But still he tried forever giving into the stories of being all powerful that the plants fed him.

It was never hard to find him. He was always in the same place deep within the garden meditating or training. It was in this area were the plants showed their true colors. They were not black no black was one of the kings of all colors despite popular opinion it stood for everything but evil and darkness. No the color these dreaded plants were colored was pure darkness, which no light can touch, their shadows burned through the ground.

It was these flowers that contained the life force of the dark army among other even more horrible things. Upon my approach Malchan stirred from his sleep but quickly regained control of his mediation. I tried to speak but quickly thought better of it.

He was having one of his moments. In his trance like state he was able to listen to every movement the plants made. I could feel his power growing to unsurpassable lengths but I new that, the power could never be sustained by his body. As soon as he left his trance he would revert back to his normal state, with little gain besides coming one step closer to the edge.

I looked up and saw the eternally dark sky lighten just a bit. His meditation was coming to an end. I wasn't exactly looking forward to speaking to him again. In fact I cherish every moment I have away from him. However having him with us on earth was far more important then our hatred for each other. I figured we would need all the strength we could get for the coming trails.

Slowly he opened his eyes and questioned my presence, 'What is it that you want, dear brother?'

'Merely to speak to you about matters that you surely have become aware of.'

'Yes I know that of which you speak. It was only today that I truly realized what has been occurring on earth. It is a horrible thing that the gods are doing to us but I understand their logic. It is the ways of the weak to allow any chance for someone to become superior to you. They are smart and they know the threat that we pose to their kind.'

'Yes, yes I knew what your feelings would be. From listening to you I have also come to realize your plans and attacking the gods is out of the question.'

'Why, is that brother? We out number them and we are not fueled by someone else's belief. We can overcome them. Now I fear that is to late and the other immortals have become weak and felt they can trust the gods.'

'You seem to be over looking the threat that is posed to us right now. Even if we had this revolution which you so boost about every wakening moment of your life, the gods would still have the ability to stop the dawn. Without sun rise we can never be reborn.'

'You dare lecture me? I always knew the gods had their ways of killing us but I also knew that even if it brought upon my own destruction it would be worth it to see them meet their ends.'

'You truly are insane you know that?'

'Think what you want but if that is all then I must ask that you leave me.'

'Don't worry I'll soon be gone but first father has asked for your presence on earth. You see he believes, that there is a way to set the tides of time in motion again. Of course I understand if you do not wish to go.'

'On the contrary I believe that this journey may prove quite enlightening. I have always wish to travel to earth.' A smile crossed his face.

That smile was the embodiment of evil. Something was going on in his mind, something sinister. I could not help but wondering about his plans for earth.


After saying my good-byes to all those in the Celestial Garden we arrived on earth. As I came forth from the shadows I noticed the piercing coldness. I looked around amazed to see the ground covered in a thick layer of snow. The next thing I noticed was the pouring rain which somehow filled me with loneliness.

My brother looked over and saw my expression. He struggled to stifle a small laugh. I couldn't believe it he was actually enjoying this, even my father seemed disheartened by the rain. I always knew about rain but somehow I was still surprised by it's appearance and it's rhythmic beating.

And so we went on through the mountains until we came to the gates of a small kingdom. My father seemed filled with a new found confidence at the sight. I tried my best to guess what was going through his mind but quickly I realized the hopelessness of it.

Carefully we made our way into the town. A few townspeople walked by us, waved and politely welcomed us to the kingdom. My father looked at them with discontent and they quickly thought better of staying and chatting with us. Not but a few moments later a guard came and approached us.

'Ah so you are the visitors?'

'That would be us,' my father spoke in utter disgust.

'I'm sorry but it is customary that before you can officially be guests of the kingdom that I ask of your business here. I do hope you understand especially in such trying times what with the rain and all.'

'We are just travelers who stumbled upon this kingdom and just wish for a place to rest our heads for tonight,' I said quickly so my father couldn't get the chance to reply.

'Err yes well, forgive me if I don't quite understand what you mean. That is to say that it's quite hard to get lost in the mountains and actually reach here before, err you know?' The man was obviously breaking down under the menacing stare of father and the always threatening stance of Malchan.

'No I'm afraid I don't know care to explain it to me?' Hissed father.

'Yes what do you mean you pitiful man?' Cackled Malchan.

'Now wait a second you hear this young man I am an imperial guard of Astas. I must demand your respect!' It seemed as though he had finally reached the edge. However he quickly answered their question like a disobedient child who was faced with the back of mama's hand or standing his ground. 'Err that it to say I meant that no one could survive the harsh climate of the mountains especially on this never ending night.'

'Hmm survive you say? It's funny you should mention that. Survival,' he seemed to think about the word for a few moments before continuing on, 'many a man has thought they have the power to survive. Tell me do you think you have that power even in my presence?'

'I'm sorry I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.'

'Then allow me to demonstrate.' He rose up his hand and shouted, 'hear my name Astas and tremble, I am Hachan and tonight I'm afraid you will all meet with an unfortunate end.'

Malchan seemed delighted in what my father was about to do. I however looked on in horror as the soldier did his best to attack. All was lost for him though and he merely stopped in his tracks and fell silently to the ground.

'Run!' Shouted Hachan. I carefully considered that name Hachan, it seemed as though it had new meaning to me. Until now I only knew him as my father but that seems unfitting at this time. It seemed as though ever since he saw the rain his attitude had completely changed. He was now a new person and I struggled to not somehow find a way to relate myself to this monster but to no avail I too had somehow played a part in that poor soldiers death. I didn't say or do anything and after his life force left him I felt a slight tinge of satisfaction.

Malchan however didn't seem to be phased by it at all. He didn't even give it any thought, it was more than just contempt towards mortal life. No it couldn't be that because he would have showed at least a single sign of pleasure at the soldier's fate. At that time I felt that I truly knew what he had to be going through. What it was like to have the plants wrapped around you and feeding you life force.

My heart began to sink and terror took over my body as I realized the cruel fate that could be waiting for me if I continued to follow the same path as Hachan and Malchan. All I could do was look over towards them and back away slowly into the darkness.

A Hero Arrives

I looked down upon the destruction of which my father was causing from my perch a top a mountain. I watched for several days and I use that term loosely due to the eternal night. To my surprise the humans were beginning to win and ever so slowly Hachan was pushed towards the mountains. Finally the humans were able to force him to a plateau on the opposite side of my own vantage point.

I realized that due to the weakening effects of the night my father was as weak as he ever would be. This would undoubtedly force him to call upon the dark army to protect himself. Sadly me fears were soon realized as the clouds began to gather and the rain stopped for a moment, finally a flash covered the entire area. Squinting I couldn't help but turn away and in the distance I saw an explosion.

I don't know what compelled me to do it but I felt myself being lifted from the ground and drawn towards the explosion. In the center of it all I saw faint glimmer reflecting off the most impressive sword I had ever seen. Holding on to that sword was a man using ever inch of his power to hold on. The seconds I saw him seemed like hours.

He opened his eyes and at that moment I saw it deep within him. Power beyond my wildest dreams, it was in this rare breed of natural perfection that I saw the eyes of an Anesia. Time began to speed up and I realized how frail the life of this man was. Quickly I grabbed onto him and flew him to safety. I looked down and saw the bodies of a trio of Ratasa.

I had a feeling that these were undoubtedly the companions of the Anesia for the Ratasa never usually left the horde unless it was on some important errand. You see I have learned a few things about the species which has often being boasted as the most superior form of life on earth.

They had one voice and that was the voice of the horde. They had one unique personality that by most peoples standards would be considered stupidity. To those who truly match their intelligence it is called unity. Among the most prevailing traits of the species is their ability to regenerate at will. Nothing could destroy them actually only magic did any sort of thing to them. Their regenerative properties are due to a loose bonding of molecules which in the presence of molecules separate even more and cause paralysis in the species. However even that weakness does little to them since even in that weakened form they can not be killed and they will revert to their normal state once the magic source is removed.

Carefully I set the man down beside them. After reassuring myself that he would survive I hurried towards Hachan's battlefield.

To my horror the dark army had been unleashed and was effortlessly slaughtering the Astasians. In the middle of it all Hachan stood triumphantly a top a large rock protruding from the summit.

Cautiously I approached him as the dark army separated to make way for myself. Hachan smiled a bit basking in the carnage he had unleashed.

'Welcome back Ekera. I see you have come to your senses and returned to me. It is a very wise decision on your part if I may say so.'

'I'm sorry, Hachan but you misinterpret my arrival. I have come with a warning, a hero has arrived and I advise that we retreat.'

'Hmmm? What is that you believe that someone can truly match my own power. And what is this Hachan nonsense? You realize that even during the present circumstances you could at least show me an inkling of respect by addressing to me as father.'

'Unfortunately as it stands I can't comply with your wishes. You have changed in the short time we have stayed here, as have I. Please heed my advice and return with me to the gardens, the hero is fast approaching and I feel that he has the power to end the war.'

'I don't see what worries you so son. I have stood here for quite sometime and have not sensed the presence of such a hero.'

'Your mind is clouded and thus you can not see past your own delusions. Clear your mind and you'll see the danger you are in.'

'If it is all that may calm you then I shall do as you wish. However if you are wrong I see no reason to further comply with any more of your demands.'

Hachan began to concentrate and from him a fantastic dark aurora shone. His facial expression quickly changed from calm to a more troubled look. I knew he must have seen him, the wanderer who was destined to end the night.

'I see now what has troubled you my son but...' Hachan was obviously fighting with his own common sense. 'It is nothing to be worried about, however I believe that you may be right in that he is tied into this somehow.'

For several minutes Hachan stood there trying to make sense of the events as they unfolded. I to looked down upon the traveler's progress, and was surprised to see my bother watching him from the roof tops.

'Ekera you see him don't you?' Hachan asked, 'it seems your brother has become a little interested in your hero as well. Interesting...' He began to trail off into thought until finally he came to a conclusion. 'Alright I must ask that you go back to Astas and prevent a confrontation between the two. I will challenge this hero of yours.'

Not having to be asked twice I made my way back to Astas. However I was eager to see a battle between Malchan and the hero so I choose to watch from a top the main gate. I figured Hachan's challenge could wait as I watched the confrontation.

It didn't take long for Malchan to start something and the battle erupted into swirling blades. My brother was admittedly not doing too bad and I could see the obvious improvement in his skills since he arrived. However the hero was gaining the upper hand and it wouldn't be long before Malchan fell. Of course this time was surprisingly shortened as the Ratasa lunged out of the shadows and attacked him.

A couldn't help but let out a small laugh as my brother struggled helplessly against the fierce fighters. Effortlessly the hero placed his foot upon Malchan's chest pinning him down permanently. Or so I thought, after some pointless banter I couldn't make out I was shocked to see Malchan pull a dagger from his belt. I lunged towards him but it was to late in several swift motions Malchan stabbed the hero in the foot and dispatched the Ratasa.

Finally I arrived just in time to block an impeding attack from Malchan. There I stood between the two fighters using all my power to keep Malchan at bay. Eventually we broke free from the awkward position.

Note: This conversation has been adapted for the Legends of Ekera from the original version in Life Before Dawn. This reworked version is much better than the original.

'Brother it's good to see that you're still alive and well. I must admit I was a bit taken back when you took it upon yourself to leave me and father to fight the townspeople. I would have thought you had a little more respect than that. Anyways what may I attribute to the appearance of you in all your greatness,' he smirked.

'I just decided to come by and see what my dear brother was up to. To find you in this compromising position I must say doesn't surprise me in the least. Wouldn't you say it's more than a bit disheartening to see that you have taken losing a battle so personally.'

'You know nothing brother. I hadn't lost and thus I decided it would be best to give him a little push to help our fight move along a tad faster.'

'If that is your reason then I've lost even more respect for you then I had originally thought. If he did not wish to fight then you should have respected his wishes. He even had the heart to spare your life and still you persisted.'

'Enough of your lecture. I care not of what you think of me, I am not here to please you. Now hear this bow out of this squabble, then let me continue my fight with this boy.'

'No Malchan you hear this Hachan requests and audience with the traveler. Besides I doubt you want to continue your fight any longer or you may find yourself a little less then alive and well.'

'Fine whatever. Father is wasting his time and soon I will take over then we'll see who's giving orders.' With that Malchan made his way into the darkness. As I watched him go I couldn't help but wonder what he was planning.

After a moment I turned my attention to the hero. 'Greetings traveler, my name is Ekera. I'm rather sorry that my brother attacked you but thankfully you have only received a minor wound. I'm afraid that if I weren't here to tide his temper then he may have killed you.'

'Thank you kind sir. However I very much doubt that such a dishonorable man could possibly possess the power to defeat myself.'

'You hold great confidence this is good but be cautious traveler my father shan't be as easy to defeat. However he also knows of your hidden powers and of your ability to perhaps even defeat him.'

'If your father knows that I may be able to defeat him then why would he challenge me?'

I laughed a little as even I did not know my father's true intentions but none the less I began to explain my tale. Eventually the one question I knew was coming arose.

'I still can't understand what reasons a god could possibly have to come here if only to continue the sands of time.'

'I'm afraid you're question isn't easily answer and all I can tell you is that my father is far from a god he is but an immortal.' I stopped for a moment and thought a little about that particular fact.

'I appreciate your words of wisdom Ekera. I'm sorry that I must vanquish your father but this kingdom needs me. I only wish there was a way to solve this without conflict'

'It is alright I do not fear my fathers demise. As he is now, his existence only symbolizes that of a dark cloud. Only when defeated will he truly be free of his dark urges. You may have learnt from your adventure that you must see the world through a child's eyes. That does not mean that confrontation must not take place it only means that you must do what your soul bids you to do. Malchan's death was not necessary and you recognized that and backed down knowing that the victory would only increase your pride. This is another matter you are no battling for the world, not for it's own pride as you would for a kingdom but to prevent it's destruction.

In the end you must know that is all that you need to fight against. Death to some extent isn't even worth fighting for. The gods have placed upon you a great responsibility let your soul guide you in carrying out that responsibility.

Now I must leave. I'm sure we will see each other again when you step up to fight Hachan.' I turned away from the valiant young warrior and went to join my father a top the mountains.

Battle for the Sun

When in peril the world is destined to search for a hero. This man a wanderer, a lost soul, an Anesia was chosen to battle for life itself. Even he did not understand his power and what he was truly capable of. His power was meant to carry us from the darkness and bring upon a new age. However like me his legend was fated to be forgotten.

When he arrived on the mountain that day I did not know what I was supposed to think. His entire purpose was to defeat my own father. Until his arrival I did not know what the truly meant, I forgot promises of freeing my Hachan's soul through the purification of death. I questioned my entire reasons for believing this would happen and felt myself calling out to him, telling him to forget the battle.

His mind was made up though he felt he had to match up to the warrior facing him. He knew far more about the fates then I could ever hope to find out, this battle needed to happen for not only our sakes but everyone who lived upon the earth.

It was not but a few moments before the two contenders engaged in useless banter that plagued every arena before a duel was to commence. I tried not to listen to what they were saying but my ears picked up a small bit of the conversation.

Finally they readied themselves for the matter at hand and I called out. 'Remember Eleusis there is only one winner and one loser. Only your soul will reveal to you which one you are!' Shouted Ekera.

'Words to live by,' smirked Hachan, 'tell me Eleusis will you beat me?'

'Most defiantly.'

'Then I suppose fate must have laid that path out for me but perhaps you don't grasp the concept of fate. We shall see if you are right.'

The battle seemed to erupt into a fury of blades. Eleusis was far more skilled then even I gave him credit for. Hachan used his magic to get every advantage he could but still the Anesia kept up with him. However Hachan would never be that easy to defeat and slowly released his full power. A speed burst caught Eleusis off guard and Hachan was able to make a small gash on the hero's cheek.

The sudden rush of pain kept lowered Eleusis defenses enough for Hachan to begin another attack. Pushing the pain out of his mind Eleusis clumsily dodged the attack. With another swift move however Hachan managed to slightly graze Eleusis's torso.

He fell to the ground causing his sword to be knocked out of his hands. Trembling he gripped his wound trying to stop the bleeding. Father used his time wisely and brought his sword up for the final blow. Even I could not see what happened next, it all appeared to be one big blur. Eleusis not only avoided the attack but he also brought himself to a standing position in a mere seconds. In his hand he once again held the Alpha sword ready for battle.

Stunned Hachan recovered from his failed attack, brought his sword up and lunged at the confident warrior. Eleusis appeared to try to block the attack but at the last minute he dodged and made a clean cleave straight through Hachan's armor. From the bottom of his torso to his shoulder blood dripped from the mighty immortal.

I struggled to resist the urge to help him in some way. This couldn't be the end, I had always seen my father as invincible. Even when I doubted his motives I never thought he could be defeated. For the first time I saw him as something like myself. Until then I didn't realize that i was in fact the same as him all along. Quickly I decided the world was not enough to forfeit my father's life and began my attack. I was soon stopped as Hachan glanced over to me and within his eyes I saw that he wished to fight alone. I didn't know what I was to do, if I obeyed then he would surely be defeated but if I helped it would mean that I betrayed him yet again. After a few moments I decided that he must have some sort of plan to defend himself with.

My hopes were quickly crushed as the wound took it's toll on father. He became slower, weaker and even his moves lacked energy. Eleusis however became ever more stronger with every attack his skills continued to grow until father was overwhelmed. After a few to many clumsy maneuvers he was provided with a large cut on his arm.

He kneeled down and held his hand up as pain shot through him. No that's not right I carefully looked at him and realized his true intentions. Eleusis looked at his seemingly beaten opponent, I could see that he was trying to push away his true feelings in order to deliver the final blow. In the end Eleusis was overcome by his compassion. He turned away and thoughtfully looked up at the sky trying to find peace with what his actions would mean for him and everyone who relied on the sun.

Finally I saw what I had thought Hachan was up to. His hand began to glow with dark energy. Eleusis looked back and without thinking rushed to stop whatever he was planning. However he stopped only mere inches away from father. Hachan began to rise still holding his hand out keeping him at bay.

As he had proved several times earlier in the fight, Eleusis was not one to give up and using what appeared to be every bit of his energy he rose the alpha sword up. A flash of light momentarily blinded me. I carefully opened my eyes and saw that somehow the sword absorbed Hachan's magic.

Hachan gazed impressively upon the warrior. I knew that through the battle he had gained a certain amount of respect for his foe. With a slow breath both combats prepared themselves for the final round.

Father had somewhat recovered from his previous injuries but his movements were still nothing to the fully healed Eleusis. He was at least able to keep up his end in the fight and even managed to get throw his defenses a few times. Both fighters after a meager couple of minutes both warriors were covered in blood but only had a few serious wounds to show for it.

Time seemed to drag on forever but slowly Eleusis gained even more of an advantage. I'd never seen my father tired before he had always seemed ready for anything but then I saw that he too had a breaking point. I was gradually taken out of my thoughts and noticed that one other thing was being brought to a breaking point. My fathers armor was slowly being chipped away and one well placed blow would surely cut through it again. Remembering what that last attack that cut through did I quickly saw the hopelessness of my father's battle. I once again looked into his eyes and realized he knew of his obvious disadvantage.

I pleaded with him through my thoughts to stop the battle. Somehow I seemed to convince him to give up.

Shamelessly he held up his hand in defeat. 'Wait,' he said as Eleusis started another attack. 'I give up you have won.'

'Hachan please I must implore you, live up to your fate it's the only way.'

'No I will not fall by the hands of you or anyone for that matter. If I must die then it will be by the wishes of nature.'

'What are you talking about?' Mumbled Eleusis.

'You don't fool me Anesia, you have felt it too.'

I looked over to Eleusis shocked that he had not figured out how the sun tied into his powers as well as the immortals. Thankfully Eleusis finally revealed he had known all along.

'Yes I know of which you speak but I had always pushed it out of my mind. I always knew that there was some sort of spiritual connection between me and the sun.'

'You have no idea how true it is...' My father began to explain everything, the dawn and it's connection to the immortals as well as to the Anesia, how the gods betrayed him, everything.

My brother was gritting his teeth and he seemed to be greatly annoyed by fathers actions. I began to speak but once again a glimpse from father stopped my actions. Malchan made his way to the battlefield.

'What a heart felt story father,' mocked Malchan, 'but still it is merely an excuse for not excepting your fate.'

'I would still your tongue Malchan.'

'Why should I if you don't except your fate then we will all die. It is clear to me that it is you who has to die for this to end and if this weakling wouldn't do it then I will. After that I'll finish him off myself.'

'Your vision is clouded Malchan I doubt you could even keep up with our movements. You are thinking with your ego and not your brain. If you wish to fight me then you will die.'

'We'll see about that!'

Malchan launched himself at father with amazing force. Hachan just stood there as he steadily approached. Then in one swift move he raised his sword and buried it deep into Malchan's torso.

I looked on in horror at what father had done. Malchan's body was thrown to the ground, I looked down upon him and realized that father hadn't truly killed him. He was able to breath in slow and short patterns.

'Ekera come to me,' father beckoned.

I slowly approached and kneeled before him, 'please forgive me father I have been so foolish, I -'

'Quiet Ekera, you did what you needed to do. You always have, there is no need for apology. Perhaps I am losing my mind as you have so surely felt. But that is of little consequence I but one last thing to ask you until we meet again, wherever that might be,' I tinge of fear lined his words. 'Please take Malchan away from this place and never look back. Know that I will always watch over you if only from afar.'

'I must protest-'

'Yes I know Ekera you have a certain goodness within your heart. You are different then me and don't understand what I am. However I ask you as your father that you leave here. The choice is yours but I have made up my own mind and your presence will only hinder me. You may even be caught up in some thing you're not ready for I don't think I could bear to lose either of my sons.'

I tried my best to think of what I could say or even if there was anything I could say. The only thing I could mutter was, 'I suppose I must respect your wishes father. If you need to do this alone I will not stand in your way.'

I carefully picked up Malchan and in a few seconds I rose to the ground. Looking back at the two warriors facing each other I felt a small tear fall across my face.