Nexus Biographies


A New Beginning

I pondered my first day, actually, and was forced to decide which first day I should begin with. Should I begin with my birth, oh so long ago, or my rebirth only a year ago? Perhaps I should write a little about both, just so my new beginning will be better understood.

My parents weren't your typical type of parents. My father was a smithy, and my mother was a sorceress. They were not married, nor did they love each other in the slightest bit. They were comrades, fighting a horrible Darkness for the sake of all humanity. The power of humans alone wasn't enough to erase this monstrosity from existence -- they knew they needed something more. Thus, I was created.

My father constructed a sword from a mineral called Moonstone. It was found to be amazingly durable and light-weight -- perfect for crafting a weapon. Upon completion, my mother instilled every ounce of her power into the blade, giving it a soft blue-ish haze of an aura. They quickly summoned a man of the cloth to bless the sword with a holy name. And so I was born, the Holy Sword Elsydeon.

A warrior wielded me and slew the darkness, banishing it for all time. With my guidance and wisdom, and the hero's strength and skill, there was no match for us. I was revered for thousands of years as a symbol of hope for all of mankind. However, as peace settled in, people began to forget. I became a mere trinket, and was sold to an arms merchant for a bag of coins. The merchant's wagon was attacked by raiders and all of the goods were pilfered. Seemingly a useless, decorative sword, I was tossed aside, left to rust in the field where the crime had taken place. For a hundred years I sat alone in sorrow, never understanding how I'd earned this torture.

One day, however, a thief passed by and saw the light reflect off of my Moonstone body. As he grasped my hilt, I escaped the shell of my former body with the last of my power. I entered his mind and soon took over it. I glanced down at my hands, one clenched into a fist infront of me and the other grasping my former body -- the holy sword.

I had been reborn into the body of that which I had protected for thousands of years -- into that which had forsaken me. Just then, I'd given up on all of humanity and took the blessing of my new existence to finally live life for myself.

So what did the newly born soul do on his first day as a human? With a grin, I strapped my former shell to my back and headed into town. I had a shop to open, a business to start, and a life to live. On the first day, I truly came to understand just what it meant to feel alive. Total, and utter, freedom.