Nexus Biographies


Transparent Man

...Huh? It must be time! Quick I have to hurry up! Yes! It's time! Go, go, go, hurry! Get dressed, eat, hurry! Run! I'm ready! I make it to the Sunken Tree where I am to meet with TinaDragon. Yes! She's there and she looks like she's in a good mood today. I greet her, and after a long interview... I'm a Ranger! Yes! I did it! Now I just have to fit in, do some work, and be noticed! I always wanted to be in a subpath... to work and help out your family. Every day I come into the circle looking nice and proud with my head up high. I'm always working at the events. It's great to be a Ranger. Maybe I was a little bit arrogant that day, but at that meeting... I was just dying to hear my name so I could get promoted to a guide... Oh... the pressure was on. First a few names of Rangers I hadn't known existed! I think "huh?" Then the final one............ Darn! It's terrible, after all my work I don't get promoted after all... I talk to TinaDragon. She says, "Why don't you try and speak with the elder and hopefully he'll notice you?" I thought it to be a good idea but... I was scared! So I never did and I was never noticed by my superiors. Day in, day out, Yuri after Yuri... never! The one thing I would change would be to speak up to my elder and try to get noticed for once! Then I could be what I've always wanted to be... a guide. Boy would that be fun to work all day... but that's just me.