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The Battle of Sin Surai

Yuri 33, And the Sun was high, no cloud in the sky. A Gentle breeze carried with it a sweet scent of fresh baked bread from the city nearby.

I am Fraizer Chuvi Private first class of the Paekjae Defenders. We are the pride of our people. we are few but our reputation as fierce adversaries is known to many. The city of paekjae is surrounded by vast open plains with rolling hills. A desired piece of land by all of our neighbours. We have suffered for this. And yet we stood. Defiant in the face of inimidation and envy.

Our enemies for this tale approched from the north of our fair city, crossing the southern reaches of buya, across the vast wilderness.. and entering the plains of Sin Surai, Beseiging Paekjae. Our job that day.. While the battle was ensuing.. to Smash through the seige and cut off the head of the Enemy force.

And so we Stood, us fifty.. only fifty brave men. Fifty ready to face many hundreds. Today we face our death. Today we meet our makers.

The main battle had been conintuing on for many hours when we were sent out. Marching double time for the center of the enemy parade. As we ran I heard my sergeant turn to my commander and ask him to shout us a few words. to help us the men prepare.

My commander stay silent.

Then, a bellowing voice emenated from the sergeant.. Cutting the air with a rage, and valorous tone.

"Men, you know what we are here to do. And I am here to achieve the same goal. I will not give up till we have ensured safety for my family and yours. Today we fight as men. I will see you when the day is through.. mark my words! CHARRRRRRGE!"

With that my comrades in unison let out a warcry and charged through the first ranks of the enemy force. The outer flanks engaging the enemy so to let the center of our formation punch a hole to the Enemy commander.

Bravely they fought with a luster in their eye. Many fell in these first actions, yet I was spared the danger.. for the moment at least. as I was center of my formation, side by side with my segeant.

The sun beat down on me as I drew closer to the enemy blade. Sweat dripping down my face, and into my palms making my grip on my spear loose. I made contact with one, then two of the foes. Caught in a deadly tussle. their sword strokes reminiscent of a Do, Working together with precision and pace they fought. until they made their first mistake, and i thrust my spear into the chest of one and my dagger the neck of the other.

I turned and stood frozen to the spot in awe, my sergeant locked in battle with a man armoured in bone. Until the felled my sergeant with a slice to his back.

As he finishing blow was coming down to land I charged the bone clad man and shoved him to the floor. Nervous but Steady I stood firm as he got to his feet. He laughed as he stepped towards me. a monsterous figure. over seven foot tall. I could not move. He raised his sword with his target my chest. And down it came. like lightning.

Before I could think, a Body jumped between me and my enemies sword, like the first Rays of light from a fresh sun in the morn. My sergeant had been struck for the final time. he sacrificed him self to save mine. Taking advantage of the confusion I speared upwards and pierced the bone clade man from his chin to his head. We had won.

A loud cheer erupted from the masses. like a bear triumphant in his hunt. The enemy retreated without it's figurehead. and I was decorated a hero. My life and my debt is owed to one courageous man and his selfless act. I can never repay him, but I live to honor his sacrifice. I live for my men, for my brothers.

Sonbae Constable

Fraizer Chuvi