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Sorbus and Alnifolia

In the days before the Great Shift, the Sodo was not yet built. In its place was a large expanse of land with rolling hills. It was rich with life, except for trees. It was open and wild with squirrels, rabbits and other meadow creatures. The land lay between two kingdoms - Buya and Koguryo. Unfortunately, because of its placement, the land was often used in times of war. Many battles were fought there and many men had fed the soil with their blood.

High in the mountains of a nearby wilderness, there lived a Khazaran warrior and his sons. Distraught, he had left his county after the sudden death of his wife.Alone he raised his two sons with lessons of honor, courage, and loyalty - the ways of a true warrior. Sorbus and Alnifolia were their names, and they were very close. Not only did they grow to be strong men, they were devoted to spiritual teachings as well. The day soon came for them to leave in search of their place in the world. Sorbus, the elder of the two, went to Buya. He immediately felt a bond for the land of the golden jewel and stayed there. Alnifolia, the younger, discovered Kugnae with its clear blue streams and simple life. He made his home near the northern gates. Since both men were warriors, they each became soldiers for their newly adopted kingdoms. Sorbus joined the Buya Imperial Army and rose to the rank of Colonel with his wisdom and patience. Alnifolia, a little more hotheaded, joined the Koguryan Royal Army. He was a Captain and commanded troops in battle. The brothers met often with their father to discuss their lives and celebrate in the seasons' festivals. At one of these celebrations, Sorbus met a young maid and married her. Her name was Odii and they were very much in love. As healthy young wives do, she became pregnant. Sorbus' father was happy to have a grandson coming to carry on the family name. Alnifolia, Sorbus and Odii continued to visit their father until they started to notice a decline in health. It was not long afterward that their father died, leaving the brothers and Odii in deep sadness. He had raised them from youth and now they had only each other. The brothers went home and kept in contact the best they could, but with a messenger or an occasional traveling merchant.

The inevitable happened, when a war broke out between Buya and Koguryo. Torn between their love for each other and loyalty to their beloved homelands, the warriors in them chose to fight for their kingdoms, hoping they wouldn't meet face to face on the battlefield. It was not to be. One early morning, their troops did meet on that open land between the towns. With no barriers or protection to act as shields, the slaughter was fast and bloody. Soldiers from both sides were heard crying out in pain and agony. The brothers had no choice. It had come down to this.

High above the clouds, seeing all of this was Fudo-Myoo, demi-god and great protector of the Chonguns. He kept watch on all warriors he thought worthy of the Chongun teachings, and he'd had his eyes on Sorbus and Alnifolia since their youth. Fate is unkind to the Gods as well as to mortals. Fudo-Myoo had not seen this war coming, and it was not in his power to prevent it. So when the brothers met in combat, tears streaming down their faces as a decision was reached between them, the great protector saw each fatally stab the other with his blade. The brothers collapsed upon each other in death.

When she heard, Odii was stricken with grief. She ran to the Vale, heavy with child, to find her husband and his brother. Upon seeing their bodies, she threw herself on top of both of them, clutched their hands to her face and sobbed. Sorbus was her true love, but she had adored Alnifolia as a brother. Her baby would now have no father to guide him. Fudo-Myoo took pity on the poor young woman. He approached her in mortal form, touched the shoulders of each man and took their spirits away from the shell of their bodies. She stopped crying for just a moment to gaze at him. Something in his eyes told her that she and her baby would be alright. Then Fudo-Myoo disappeared. The slain soldiers of both armies were retrieved and returned to their kingdoms for proper burials. Odii buried the brothers next to their father in the wilderness. She had carved simple stones to be place at the head of each.

One day, after the birth of her son, she felt a calling. Unsure of what this feeling was, she returned to the land of her husband's death. It was no longer dark with death but green with life. Fudo-Myoo was standing there, beckoning her to come. Carrying the baby in her arms, she approached him. He handed her two large seeds and told her to plant them. She was confused but did as he asked. She planted one seed opposite the other on the moist ground. Fudo-Myoo then bent down to touch each planting, murmuring quietly. Odii felt a peace within her as she understood what he had done. Smiling at the child, he left. Odii spoke to her daughter, "Madog, we will visit here often. I think you shall come to love this place."

The girl grew, and with the honor of his father, the courage of his uncle and the blessings of Fudo-Myoo, became a Chongun. The trees, known as Sorbus and Alnifolia, grew to be strong protectors. When Madog chose the area to build the Sodo, she didn't even hesitate. She would honor his father and his uncle for all time for their personal sacrifices. To this day, the Sodo is home to the spirits of these two brave warriors.

Author: Fyria