Nexus Biographies



It's strange how certain things can clear faded memories, that lay dorment in your mind. They pull them out from the darkness, and you from your refuge. But as I sit here with the cool wind blowing lightly against my cheeks, my story unfolds, page by page.

It's my first day back in Buya, since five Yuri or so ago. I can't remember the exact date, as my memory tends to fail me every now and again. I never really bothered paying a visit, from my wilderness home. I had no desire to. But for some reason, I strayed from the wilderness binds and stepped into the bustling town of Buya once more.

You never really realize how beautiful a place really is until you move away from it. I entered the backway of Buya at the southern gate. I was in complete awe at the sight. Everything was the same, even the ol' innkeeper's place, where I bought root liquor for my mentor, Iron heart.

It still smells as heavenly as well. Marygolds, Dawn Tulips and a great deal more variety of flowers scents can be smelled from a long ways away. Morning dew still rests on the soft petals of roses.

I'm walking on the gate walls, when from the shadows, a man appears, wearing old, torn rags. "Hello there wanderer. You have seemed to stumble upon a great offer today. Simply hand me 4,ooo coins and you'll get a very nice surprise." Hey says. His voice is just as torn as his robes.

I've been sheltered by Mother Nature all my life, growing up not knowing of peoples' deciets. So I hand him 4,ooo coins, evidence to prove my naiveness.

He turns back to the shadows, and runs with my money. I follow in pursuet, hopes to get my money back. Not quite the welcoming I had in mind.

I'm finally gaining on him when four monstrous rats ambush around me, coming from no where. With four hailstorms, four rat corpses lay on the ground. The man has dissapeared back into the shadows, and I'm having second thoughts of the once beautiful town.

The city life is too chaotic for a Geomancer such as myself. I wave farewell to Buya and head back to the wilderness.