Nexus Biographies


The Quest of Fudo-Myoo

I ran through the back allies. Clasped between my hands was a small bird. A thunderstorm raged above me.. The bird.. creamy white.. its small black eyes looked up at me in wonder at why such a large beast would have its hands wrapped around it so tenderly instead of crushing the life out of it. I brought it with me to the palace, quickly, to my Sodo. Entering, I removed my armor and placed it near our fire to dry off. I took the bird with me to our alter where we leave our offerings for our ancestors. A large piece of wool sat there... large enough to wrap around the bird to warm it from the Autumn rains. I took it with me over to the fire and laid before it to warm myself. The crackling wood warmed my face, sending me off on a distant journey...

My eyes closed.. when they opened I was in another place. The bird rose before me.. fluttering... it shed the wool wrapped around it... it shed its form and took on that of a beautiful woman. She spoke to me.. words sing through my ears.. it was the sound of rain falling.. but there were words behind them. The words formed in my mind..

"I am Aryong Jung, Goddess of Rainfall. I've come to you by request of Fudo-Myoo. He is protector of the Chongun path... protector of all from catastrophe and great dangers. He has a mission for your path to accomplish. There is a great danger at hand.. one he could not avert. He requests you to guide your walkers to protect the kingdoms. If they do not.. a great disaster will befall the land... a great darkness will cover the sky. I bring you this storm.. the thunder above.. the rain that falls peacefully to the ground to assist your path in their task. I bring a token as well from Fudo-Myoo." She places a bright stone before me.. "Take this stone... go to the caves beyond the inner mines. There you will find a man who can assist you"

I awoke. The fire had burned itself out. The small bird fluttered.. rose... and flew out the gateway of our sodo's courtyard. I called for my walkers to join me. We met. It was decided we should go to the inner mines and seek out this man. It was done. We set off on our venture. When we reached the Lost mines.. we began hearing a noise.. off in the distance.. a loud booming. We came to the inner mines.. the noise growing louder. An eerie light came from a black spot which sat in the middle of the cavern. Walking up to it.. we found it was a cave and entered. Inside sat a man with a mop of hair and a long grey beard. His robes were dyed a brilliant hue of orange. He began to ramble. "You come! You sit! I give you chestnuts on a plate! Eat Eat!"

I stared at him for a while, eventually realizing this man was Grin.. a god believed to be dead by many which may have been true except for the fact that he was insanely rambling before me.

""Go to the cave" he said! "Wait for them there" he said. Why should I listen to old Fudo-Myoo?? Why? Oh yes... Gildenstar.. give me your stone. I need to break it or something HORRIBLE will happen!" said Grin shaking his body to excentuate the horridness of what might happen.

I handed it to him. He threw it in that air and yelled "Shou!" The stone shattered and he began to laugh.

"I've done it! I've done it! I knew I still had some power in me! Ahahahahahahahah!" Grin ripped off his spring garb, threw it at me and ran out of the cave.

The last thing I saw of him was his naked legs running through the inner mines as he jumped up and down insanely. The disaster had been averted. The rain stopped. I picked up Grins garb and carried it back to the Sodo.

Many years later... I still hold that garb... though the brilliant hue of orange has faded into a murky green.. it is the one thing I cherish.. and a reminder that Grin roams the lands.. insane as ever.. and that Fudo-Myoo still watches over me.. and my beloved path the Chongun.