Nexus Biographies


- My First Day -

I came to this world unsure of who I was or where i was for that matter. Surrounded by trees and wild animals, I walked further into the forest until I could no longer draw breath. Famished, I began searching for food and found it in the form of the fluffy grey rabbits. Fashioning a wooden sabre from a fallen tree, I struck out against a rabbit and felled it in two quick swipes. Feeding upon it's meat, I continued my journey with vigor when I came upon a strange man. It was the middle of nowhere yet he seemed right at home. Though apprehensive, I approached him and introduced myself by using a name that only then came into my mind, GlobalT. He seemed surprised to see me as few people that set out through the forest make it through alive. He told me that the end of my path drew near and gave me directions towards the city. I grabbed some more meat, and began my first steps towards my ultimate destination.

Upon entering the city, I was filled with awe. People where bustling about in rich garments, animals roamed the grounds in peace and the buildings, there were so many buildings! I wandered around until I came up to a blue roofed house. The door was open so I entered cautiously and saw that a man man in a plain garb was standing there, awaiting me. He intorduced himself as Jadespear and told me if there was anything he could do for me, he would be glad to oblige. I asked him only a few questions (as I was anxious to further explore the city). He told me the city was Buya, a humble yet large city where many people gathered. He also informed me that I should consider choosing a path, and seeing the confused look on my face, he attempted to explain. Rogue, Poet , Warrior, or Mage he began but before he could explain what each meant, I uttered the word Poet. He smiled knowingly and told me to head east toward the poet guild. I began to ask what a poet was, but I already had the answer embedded in my heart. Leaving his house i set out east meeting many people along the way. Each one was unique in his or her own way, but they all had one thing in common, they were all polite and helpful. Unable to find the guild, i sought out an answer from one called a "Monk". He was glad to help me out and even walked me to the guild with helpful hints along the way. With a farewell wave, I entered the guild which, unknown to me at the time, would be my sanctuary for the rest of my life. I encountered the one called "Song" and he explained to be the pleasuers and perils of becoming a Poet. His words were a blur has my mind was already made up and my heart had already said yes. He seemed to sense my feelings and smiled. He granted me the honour of becoming a Poet and said to return to him often so that I may be educated in the ways of a Poet. He bid me farewell and wished me luck on my journy.

My path seemed clear now, grow stronger and aid those who need help. That was an inner calling my soul felt and heard, and my actions would always follow this code. Seeing adventure I headed back south towards the wild and passed the butcher shop along the way. Stocking up on meat, I continued walking until night fell upon me. I had no lights to guide my steps when suddenyl, the inevitable happened. I had seen this in my dreams but shrugged them off as a nightmare, I had come across a monster like none other. Keeping my resolve strong, attacked with a frenzy swinging my wooden sabre in slashes I had never before done. The beast seemed unhurt though and even though I tried my best, I had failed. With no more food and my sabre knocked away, the end seemed near. Rearing up in victory, the monster began his killing blow, when out of nowhere, a Rogue, not much older then me, felled the beast in a single, swift blow. Dusting myself off, I sat up and gazed at my saviour. He told me he could help me along my goal and did this without a hint of a jest and with the compassion of a true friend. Thus, my first day had come to an end. -GlobalT