Nexus Biographies


A Date With Destiny

I awoke that morning, in my small bed made from wood boards tied together

with various roots. As I removed my cotton blanket and began to sit up, I

realized the pain I was in, everything ached as though I had just been

trampled by a horse. I noticed that my arms seemed rather ruddy. My garb,

burned in various places. I stood up from my bed, as my feet met the warm

silk carpet. My eyes led me to my journal, which rest upon my small oak

table next to the bed. I picked up my journal and very carefully opened it

to the latest entry. It all came back to me at that very moment. I sat down

on my wooden rocking chair, and began to read.

~Journal Entry: Yuri 51, Moon 3, Day 28~

'Today was a day like no other. The greatest hunt I have ever embarked upon.

My day began like any other. I awoke from my bed, and quickly changed into

my Moon Garb, which was given to me by my tutor, Eldritch, who has taught me

everything I knew to that very day. I grabbed my Jujak Helm, my traveling

bag, and my trusty Honor Sword, which was given to me by my loving father, a

day before he was killed by the legendary Horse Do.

As I set foot outside into the crisp autumn air, I couldn't take my eyes off

the Honor Sword concealed within my hand. The Honor sword is very similar to

a regular blade, but unlike an average sword, it had a very strange glow. It

was only at that exact moment I realized how beautiful it really was. My

father was killed by the guardian of the mythic cave where horses roam.

Every day I would go to my father's grave, swearing to get revenge for his


I was blinded by my own tears as I read on.

'Somehow, I let it slip by me. All the feelings I once had due to my

father's death simply vanished one day. As I gazed into the sword, I could

swear I saw a vision of my father for a split second. Yuri's ago, I swore

revenge. I shall not forget what I said to the spirit of my father. I was

going to avenge my father's death by slaying the very beast that killed him.

My fate was decided, and today I am going to restore that fate by killing

the Horse Do.

I felt a slight autumn breeze swish through my hair, as I walked towards the

Mythic Nexus. All I could think of on the way, was how badly I would hurt

the Horse Do.'

I stopped. I put the book down and approached the kitchen.

Moments later I returned to my rocking chair with a cup of tea. I placed the

cup on a small wicker table beside me and placed the journal back on my lap.

I continued to read from where I left off.

'I tried to hide my thoughts, but a small part of me knew that I may not

have come back. However, thinking of my father only made me more furious. My

ignorance was sure to get me killed.

The sun had just come out, so there were not too many people outside. As I

reached the far east side of Masan, I walked down a narrow dirt path which

would lead me to Mythic Nexus. The sun slowly started to rise and I could

feel the air getting warmer. As I walked down the path, surrounded by

mountains, I could not help but glare at that Honor Sword. It was as if it

was guiding me, as if my father's spirit was reborn within that sparkling


The shimmering sunlight blazed into my eyes as I reached the end of the

path. I stepped into Mythic Nexus. I then used my magic to teleport to the

Southern gate, very close to the Mythic Horse cave. I walked through the dry

mud, throughout the almost deserted Mythic Nexus. The sky darkened as I

approached the cave. I slipped my Honor sword into my holster, put my

traveling bag over my shoulder, and ventured into the darkness.'

I took a sip of my tea and continued;

'When I first stepped in, it was pitch black. I reached into my traveling

bag and pulled out my trusty lantern. I was enshrouded with light. I looked

around the room. The floor was made up of mud and dirt, the walls were solid

rock. Not a horse in sight. Holding the lantern in my right hand, I slowly

stepped through a small tunnel leading into the next room.

I walked into the room and without warning I felt something hit me hard on

the back of my head. I jerked and went flying across the room, smashing my

head into the hard rock wall, completely shattering my Jujak helm, which was

already in horrible condition. For a moment it was a blur..

--my eyes slowly opened slowly as I lay down near the edge of the wall, the

lantern on the ground beside me, still lit. The Honor Sword still concealed

within my holster, and my traveling bag still on my shoulder. I felt around

the area of my head that had been hit. I went into a state of dismay as I

stared at my hand, covered in the blood from my head. My eyes wandered to

the other side of the room, where the creature who must have knocked me into

the wall stood. It was an Elite Horse. I could tell because Elite Horses had

a lighter coat then Wild Horses, and they were much more aggressive. I stood

up, facing the horse, which was now looking straight at me. I raised both my

hands and called upon the fires of hell. The room lit up as a massive wave

of fire and lava crashed down on the Elite Horse. I covered my eyes as the

fire slowly settled. Smoke filled the room now. As it started to clear up I

could see the Elite horse, lying on the ground, dead.'

I stopped reading for a moment and felt my head, I could feel the slight

dent where it had slammed into the cave wall. I continued;

'I took the bag off my shoulder and reached in, pulling out a flask

containing red healing potion. I carefully took off the cap and poured a

slight amount onto my wound. I could instantly feel the blood clearing up

and the gash starting to heal over. However, the potion was not strong

enough to completely heal the wound, so I still felt some slight pain. My

eyes caught notice of my Jujak Helm, lying in pieces on the ground. It was

completely destroyed so I just decided to leave it behind. I picked up my

lantern and journeyed through a very narrow tunnel that led me into the next


This room was enormous. Even with the lantern, I could not see the entire

place. I walked across the room slowly, keeping my back against the wall so

I could see in all directions. I took great precautions because I have heard

that was the room the Horse Do wandered in, for that was the very room my

father was killed in. My heart raced. I could feel something approaching,

but I had no idea where it was. Suddenly the room shook. My heart just about

jumped out of my chest. Stalactites started falling from the roof of the

cavern. Still with my back against the wall, I looked around the room, from

one side to the other, simultaneously. Just then, out of the shadow I saw a

flame. The flame started to take shape as it moved into the light of my

lantern. In moments I could see that the flame I was seeing is in fact the

legendary Flameblade held by the Horse Do. Soon I saw a huge monster slowly

step out from the shadows. I could feel the sweat pouring down my face, my

heart going wild. The shadowy figure started to take shape as it came closer

and closer. I tried to stay calm. At that point I could finally see just

what I was confronting. A giant horse creature stood, 8 feet tall, at least

500 lbs, in front of me. It had an orange-type colour of skin with red hair.

It was wearing what looked to be a robe made out of animal skin, and

attached to its leg was a weighted chain. I was petrified with fear, for I

knew what I was standing face to face with.. the legendary Horse Do.

If life has taught me anything, it is to never run away from your problems.

To face your fears dead on. The giant creature snorted at me and took a step

closer, making the room shake slightly. My back still against the wall, the

lantern still in my right hand, the creature let out a horrifying neigh and

took another step closer. This time, the room shook even more violently,

causing a giant rock to fall from the ceiling, landing inches away from me.

At that point, the monster started moving quicker. I panicked and without

thinking, threw my hands up into the air. I quietly chanted a magic spell

and watched as a bolt of dark lightning came crashing down onto the Horse

Do. I could feel the ground shake under my feet. The creature let out a howl

as it was being electrocuted by the spell. Eventually the lightning stopped.

The guardian Horse Do, still standing tall. My eyes widened with amazement

and fear, for that was my strongest blow. My hands shook violently now, and

the lantern fell out of my right hand, and smashed onto the ground,

completely shattering it. The room, however, stayed lit.

I realized at that point, that the Honor Sword concealed within my holster,

was giving off light. How could this be? The blade had never aided me in

this way before. I continued to stare at the Sword, dazzled by its

shimmering. Right then I screamed in pain. My arm felt as though it was on

fire. I looked at my arm. My garb was completely torn through, and the part

of my arm now exposed, was covered in blood. I let out another scream, and

tried my best to crawl away. I did not even bother to look up and see that

horrid beast. The pain was excruciating, I could feel myself losing

consensus as I desperately tried to get away from the Horse Do, the Honor

Sword still in my holster, enabling me to see. My vision started to blur as

I approached the corner of the room. I knew the he would have to be right

behind me. I could not crawl anymore. As I lay there right next to the edge

of the wall, on my front side. I used my good arm and reached onto my back,

where the bag should have been. I felt nothing except my own shoulder. Tears

started to stream down my face, for I knew I would soon meet the same fate

my father met.'

I paused, and looked at my arm. The garb still torn, and my arm still a tint

of red. I went on;

'A huge jolt of pain struck my back at that very moment. I let out a

terrifying scream of pain as I could feel my spine cracking. It became hard

to breath. I managed to turn my head slightly; the creature's horse shoed

foot was jammed onto the dead center of my back. I tried to concentrate, but

the pain was too great. I lied there, near the cavern wall, a bloody mess,

with a punctured spine. I knew my life was nearing its end. Still on my

stomach, I raised my left arm, almost the only part of my body that was

movable. I turned my head just enough to spot the creature out of the corner

of my eye, and chanted a spell. A mountainous pile of ice crashed down on

the Horse Do, completely lighting the room up for mere seconds. When the ice

disappeared, I could see the creature standing perfectly still, for I had

paralyzed him. I had to act quickly at this point, for the spell would not

last long. The creature stood frozen, only inches away from me. I raised my

left hand and called upon the fires from hell. I shut my eyes tight,

prepared to be blinded by a wave of fire.


I could see the creature starting to move, and the excruciating pain all

came back to me. My eyelids closed together tightly as I attempted to fight

the pain. My head still tilted so I could just see the Horse Do. It started

to move for freely now, and I knew it was only a matter of time until my

fate was sealed.

I tried to use my magic to heal myself, even slightly, but it was no use. I

had no energy left. The creature was moving fully now. Still fighting the

pain, I reached with my left hand and grabbed the Honor Sword from my

holster, which was luckily on the left side of my body. Using all the energy

I had left, I flipped myself onto my back. The pain felt greater as I lay on

my back, facing the horrid creature that was standing tall right near my

feet. He let out a disturbing snort and, using both hands, lifted his

Flameblade over his head, high into the air. I knew he was ready to end my

life at that moment. I had only one hope left. Using my left hand, I hurled

the shimmering Honor Sword into the air, blade first. I could feel my vision

start to fade as the sword smashed right through his robe, into his chest.

The creature let out an awful scream as blood started to trickle down from

where the sword had punctured his chest. Half of the Honor Sword was lost

within the Horse's body. I continued to lay there in pain, watching as the

creature gasped for breath. The room shook violently as the legendary Horse

Do fell onto his back, dead. The Honor Sword still jammed into his chest,

the mighty Flameblade on the ground beside him.

I let out a sigh of relief, for I had done it. However, the only thing I

could think about was the horrible pain I was in. I could see my traveling

bag, out of the corner of my eye. My right arm was nearly destroyed, and I

had little feeling in my legs. Using my left arm, I slowly dragged myself

towards my bag, which contained the potions necessary to heal my wounds. I

managed to reach it and still, with my left hand, reached inside and pulled

out the very same flask containing red healing potion I used to heal the

wound on my head. I poured a small amount on my exposed right arm. I

witnessed the blood starting to clear up, and the wound begin to heal over.

For my spinal injury, I placed the flask on my lips and slowly began to

drink a small amount of the potion. The taste wasn't pleasant, although I

could feel my back start to heal. In mere seconds I was able to stand up.

The room was still lit by the half of the Honor Sword sticking out from the

Horse Do. I walked over to the deceased monster, and put my hand around the

handle of the Honor Sword, concealed within his chest. I slowly removed the

sword, revealing the bloody half that was stuck within the horse's chest.

The sword continued to shimmer as I stuck it within my holster. I walked to

the right side of the Horse Do, where the Flameblade lay. I reached down and

picked up the mighty blade forged in fire, and held it above my head in


The entry stops there. I took another sip of tea, and reached over to the

edge of the oak table, where a quill pen lay. I took the pen, dipped it in a

small jar of ink, and began to write;

'I had fulfilled my promise, and avenged my fathers death. I stood, in the

dead center of the room, staring at the shimmering Honor Sword, the tip

still stained with blood. My eyes widened, as again, I could swear I saw a

vision of my father, smiling at me.'