Nexus Biographies


"I'm here for your head, DOG!"

I screamed as I tried to remember how exactly I'd arrived in the final room of the cave of dogs. The last thing that I could definitely recollect was too painful to relivemy wife slaughtered by a pack of rabid Lightning dogs. After that moment, all I had were bits and pieces.. my armor drenched in dog-blood, the murderous yelps of hundreds of the four-legged fiends, a glimmer of light reflecting off the bare spots on my Moonblade. And now I stood, face-to-face with the very dog demon that spawned my wife's killers. Anger burned in my brain, through my body, and spouted from my blade like a volcano mid-eruption. I did not feel anything but unrelenting hatred for the mutts.

"You killed my wife!" my voice cried from a distance. "I will make you pay."

Tears streamed down my face, mixed with sweat and blood. His minions lunged in at me, but he called them off. "This fool who dares insult the Dog, is mine to kill, and mine alone." And with a deafening roar bounded toward me. I leapt towards the charging pooch.

I swung first, with a heavy blow to his shining clean armor with the blunt edge of my sword. A yelp echoed throughout the now empty cave. The canine turned and slashed down my back, cracking open my already worn armor and slicing long gashes downward. Blood ran down to my faded hakama and further stained the once-tan garb. I fell to the floor as I felt the life drain out of my body.

He swaggered victoriously up to my body, and spat into my open wounds. "The dogs will rule all in he future. Your wife was but a mere obstacle, and was killed, just as I'm about to kill you." Rearing back, he prepared to crush my skull underneath his front paws.

I felt it the burning, the anger. It surged through my almost lifeless corpse, giving a renewed sense of awareness. I rolled my head to the side as the monster came crashing down. The top of my ear lay on the ground next to my blood-stained blade. Sweat rolled into my eyes, burning, forging my resolve. With all the might I could gather, down I grasped for the blade, and with a horrendous "Sa-AAAA!," I sliced into the dog's armor.. no, not intothrough. I had cleaved the mutt clean in half. A snarl escaped its dying lips, "You haven't stopped usjust postponed your fate."

He fell to the ground, wheezing and coughing up blood. With one huge convulsion, he faded from existence, leaving his most prized possessions behind some gold, a few shining gems, and a glittering Rose. I struggled over to my supplies, now scattered throughout the small chamber, and took out a vial of red liquid. Quickly, I downed the red drink. I took up the gold to pay for my now-split armor; the ambers I could sell to some gemcutter maybe a rogue or a mage. I clasped the Rose and made for the exit of the cave.

The next day in Sanhae, I buried my wife's body. On her grave, I placed the single Fragile Rose. I prayed that she would forgive my inability to protect her, and asked both the Mighty Chung Ryong and the Noble Hyun Moo to watch over her soul. I moved from Sanhae to the wilderness to study the strange power my rage had given me, and every Yuri, return to her grave, to pray and to place another single Fragile Rose, in hopes that someday, she'll forgive me.