Nexus Biographies


Prelude of Dawn

The aggravating tempo of chores that discord my youth halted my desires to become a legend. What talented Bard would sing praises about a peasant? What inspiring Muse would compose and dedicate a play about a commoner? None. My sentence for being the oldest son of a widow was pardon when Asaka appeared. He captured her heart, and I escape before dawn after their wedding. As a grateful and respectful son, I left my farewells in a scroll at their bedroom door. Leaving before sunrise is very adequate to start a new life.

~~~ I journeyed to many lands, but none did attach my soul like the "Jewel of the East." The people within these walls are a marvelous splendor of self-expressions. They had tales of romance, tragedy, or humor from adventures they have lately experienced. They were ever helpful to answer questions, but stingy to give money or items; this is understandable. Nobody should be spoon-fed to learn how to survive. Luckily, Jadespear is a humble and great man to teach newer citizens the basics of survival. After finishing my schooling with Jadespear and vow to the disciple of stealth from Maso, I experienced my first adventure.


I overheard a conversation between two warriors about a weapon called "Frost sabre." Upon interrogation, Fang exclaimed that a man called Blood at KaMing's encampment can help me. I left Spring Tavern toward the stables at godspeed, took me two hours to arrive in Blood's house on horseback. Blood agreed to forge the sabre if I brought him the heart of the Ice beast. This quest wasn't easy. It required tedious tasks of bartering aged-wine to the hermit, luring the Ice beast to the lava and opening its almost impenetrable chest for his heart. Funny though, Blood seems rather surprised that I obtain the beast's heart.


During my return to Spring Tavern at dusk, I finally realize what truly attracted me to these kingdoms. It wasn't the people, the quest, or even the kingdoms, but all the opportunities. These opportunities are not obstructed by those stronger, because they can be reached and passed. There's always a chance to succeed and become greater, to become a legend. Only perseverance can finalize my rightful place, and I will enjoy every moment of this journey. Good luck adventurers. */~