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The Legend of the Sky Violent

All flowers they say, grow from the earth, taking sustenance from the ground below and growing to eventually flower and die, to be rejuvenated in the earth and to grow again.

This is the cycle of nature, from death comes rebirth, yet there are exceptions and legend tells of a flower that cannot die, a name shrouded in mystery with few witnesses, those who have seen it have returned changed.

This is the tale of the Sky Violet and it is as old as time itself.

The old knight ran, they had slain his horse and had broken his weapon yet he would not give up, for he believed that Eldridge would save them from the thing that Orb had become.

The very earth below him screamed out in pain as the poison of the Darksstaff spread through the land, he did not understand the balance he only knew he had failed in his attempt to fend off the attacks from his home, now it was only him left and soon he would die too. Relentlessly the dark minions pursued him gaining on him and growing in strength as the balance shifted in their favour, seeing pillars up ahead the knight headed towards them.

Stepping into the ruins he backed up against a stone pillar, and wielding an old branch he had found he prepared to fight his last battle.

The fight was tremendous giving no ground, yet he was overwhelmed, and he fell, in his last moments of life he raised his weary head to the sky and cried out for justice.

The story varies here, for some say it was a raven that answered his cry, others say it was something else, nameless and mysterious. The monsters of the Darkstaff perished in a single beam of starfire, that seemed to come from the very heaven above, when the light had faded, the old knights body was no longer there but instead the glade was filled with bright blue violets.

It was well known after the great shift, that any man who had evil in his heart could not even look upon those flowers, for fear of seeing the true nature of their soul.

No-one knows what became of the knight, or if he even truly existed, yet some say he was granted eternal life in the form of nature, that the undying glade of sky violets ensured the balance never tipped so far again as to threaten the earth.

To glance upon them you can almost imagine them staring to the heavens watching the balance, and warding it.

Skilled druids and alchemists have been known to use a single petal in a cauldron to judge a persons alignment, for the final legend goes that any person who sleeps in the glade of sky violets is shown his alignment and his purpose in the balance.

This is the story as I heard it, of the undying flower and a knight who helped preserve the balance with his dying breath.