Nexus Biographies


Farewell My Brother

It all started like any other day. Though this will be a day I never forget. It was Day 30 of the 8th moon, in Yuri 59, at 11:15 in the morning. The sun was getting near high point; the day was growing hot face. I was already black from head to toe, and covered in sweat. I dug my shovel into the earth again, pushing up more rich soil and rock, when I heard a faint voice whispering my name. Blinking a bit in the hot sun I looked around warily. Who could be out here in the middle of the minefields wanting me? The voice whispered again. It came from under the rock out cropping near by. The rock jutted out to cast a small area in complete shadow. A small figure stood there. Who he was, what he was, I couldn't see, and he never told me. He spoke quick, simple and to the point. He said sometime last night; my brother Firesheath was thrown into Jail for what everyone was told was five long terms. I tried to ask what he did to get such a sentence. The figure halted may questions. He did not know. He only knew this. Firesheath was in serious danger. I clutched my ax tightly, and demanded she show me. We ran to the center square in the middle of Buya. Guards swarmed the place, all armed to the teeth. They seemed edgy. I growled seeing the white armor. I started to unsheathe my ax, when the figure stopped me. HE was right, now was not the time. I had to find my brother. There was a large commotion of noise, as the guards let up a cheer. My eyes beheld a loathsome sight. A barbarian, bruised, beaten, and bloody. He seemed so badly beaten that he could barely walk, though he mad such a tremendous effort too. He refused to let the guards' aide him even as they half drug his battered form. He kept his chin thrust out against the pain. His eyes burned with defiance, even now. The sun was almost completely overhead when they drug him up the stairs to the wooden platform newly constructed just for this occasion. A booted foot kicked him in the back of the legs forcing him to his knees. Even as he fought to stand they lashed him forward. His body tied to a wooden block. My stomach lurched as the thought reeled in my head. I started to run forward. A hand caught my wrist and pulled me back. I pulled against the hand, and tried to run forward. My eyes never left my brother's. They tied him with his neck exposed, and I could feel the hot tears burn my eyes. Still he lifted his head, his gaze coming to meet mine. His lips moved, I could read the words, 'Not now' I shook my head, and tried again He murmured... "I love you" His gaze went skyward, his head still held in proud defiance even now in this torn and shambled form. I stood there in bitter shock, and tormented horror. A man in a black robe stood next to my brother, and hefted a large ax. The sun rose to its highest point, all the shadows seemed to dissipate. The ax hovered. Then in a movement that seemed like an eternity it started to drop. I let out a cry and tried to run forward. My cry was strangled by a hand over my mouth, my leap cut short by the feel of many hands upon my body. My gaze fixed upon my brothers face. The eyes shone with pride, and then in a sudden moment their light was extinguished. My brother's gaze upon the heavens was the last thing etched in my mind before the red haze over came me. Like my brother blood it poured over my vision. Another cry, it sounded of a deep wild growl. Was that my voice? There came a burst of pain, along with the sickened sound of metal against skull. Then everything was black. The darkness parted, and I awoke. I was lying against my tree in the wilderness. The sun was setting falling back behind the mountains, and I felt the tears burn across my cheeks, my brother's proud gaze burned into my mind. The light in his eyes fading, just as the sun sank behind the mountains, its light fading from the world.