Nexus Biographies


After the war

It was the first day after the gods war ended, all seemed so tranquil. I just stood and watch the fields where so many men and women fought, and all I could think of was why?, why did they fight for the glory of another, why did they die so another could gain power. And I answered myself, they fought beacuse they believed that the world could be better if that one had power.

Then as I walked where so much blood was shed I saw a strange flower, its petals were red as blood yet the rest of it was green, not some shade of green but pure green. That flower ment it all, it was a sign that out of all of this destruction something new will come, the world will regenerate and return to its former beauty. The skies were clear, there was no wind and the sound of battle was gone, as if the world forgot the horrors of last night and already began to heal, I stood there for hours until the sun went down and I saw it as if ive never seen it before, I marveled at the beauty and I saw it diffrent since so many men and women died so I could watch it.

I was just a child but since then I see the world in a diffrent way, I am thankfull for each day, and more happy for each beautyfull thing I see nomatter if ive seen it before, I never take life or beauty for granted since then.