Nexus Biographies



Many years ago, before the towns became so oversized the wilderness was large and untamed. All of its creatures ran wild and lived free without so much as a fuss. Being a barbarian attacks were made on the towns but not so often as they weren't a threat or as bothersome. Until one day they decided to make an expansion.

There I was sitting upon one of my favorite tree branches when I saw a huge explosion not far away. Trees and dirt went flying. I decided to investigate. There were several more explosions and lots of yelling. As I got closer I saw men with axes and mages casting spells of all sorts. Behind them the city walls were being taken down as best they could while saving the materials. All of a sudden another explosion goes off as another mage places down the power of hell on a group of trees. The animals in the area try to flee but are mercilessly slaughtered for no apparent reason. Conversations can be heard amongst the towns people about them being glad they're expanding in to the untamed wilderness so they can be safer and be a larger town.

Kamicolo stands there horrified and angered that the foolish townies would make such a mistake. A burning candle inside of him turns in to a blazing inferno as a black aura surrounds him and he roars out a horrid battle cry. The construction crew finally notices this and is left unready for battle. Immediately Kamicolo takes his opportunity and slaughters as many of the defilers as he can before they can get scatter and prepare to fight. Blood is spilled all over the ground as he leaves the whole area tainted in townie blood. Out of breath and furious he can't take it any more. Gripping his head in pain he flees the scene of all the murder he caused in a matter of minutes. He grabs his mighty horse and returns to his area of seclusion where he collapses from his first experience of letting loose such a mighty rage. This is only the beginning of the extreme hatred to come.


~Cruel Intentions~

~Townie and Chongun Basher~