Nexus Biographies


Pig Avenger

He awakens in a muddy hole, deep within the cave, the stench of filth already clogging his nostrils. Rising to stand on his back hooves, the mythical beast finds himself nearly scraping the cave ceiling. Is this his home, this rotten hole? As his eyes focus in the darkness, he finds that he is not alone. Around him are swine of all sorts, and he realizes himself to be physically similar to them, though they walk on all four legs and seem to revel in the filth that he is so repulsed by. He wonders at how these creatures, so similar to him in appearance, can have such stupidity that this lifestyle pleases them. The king of pigs returns to where he awoke, with the intention of sleeping for eternity.

The largest hogs, the smallest piglets, the most vicious boars, all mindlessly went to battle when the outsiders threatened their home. The group of thieves and witches trespassed in the cave with no purpose save to slaughter pigs for personal gain. As the sentient beast watched this, his hatred for the arrogant murderers grew greater than that of the cave which he must call home. It is now that he realizes his purpose, and sees that he is meant to lead his half-witted brethren in battle against the evil things that would kill them all.

He calls for those of his kind that have not yet been slaughtered to rally around him, and he leads a charge against the attackers. There are four in the enemies' party, and he viciously strikes at all of them with his hooves. He and his followers drive back all but one, the creature holding a surging red crystal who calls fire from the deep to consume the brave pigs. The pig king recognizes the look of satisfaction on its face, and is disgusted by it. He raises his hoof high, preparing a mighty blow to crush its skull, when it turns its attention on him. He is suddenly confused, unsure of what he was doing. He watches in a daze as the four pale demons kill what is left of the pig army. Then they turn on him, stabbing and slicing at his body. Still confused, the great pig can only watch and wonder why he is being killed.

And so the pig avenger perishes once more, only so that he and his minions can be reborn again when some immortal feels the time is right. And some day another group of adventurers will conquer the pigs, so that the cycle may continue.