Nexus Biographies


.: Callienia's Quest.

"Young warrior, I have watched you, and I believe you are ready for perhaps the greatest quest that you will ever complete," the master paused. "It will be a hard and perhaps a long journey, but it will be all worth it in the end."

"But sir," she answered weakly. "I am still only a warrior in training.."

"Yes, and this journey will be difficult," he nodded slowly. "But warrior in training or not, it doesn't matter. I believe that you, child, may be our last hope.."

Hearing that, the young girl shook her head. "Impossible," she frowned. "You're joking, sir, tell me you're joking."

"No child, I am not joking. The great pig avenger has planned to venture out of his cave and enter the calm city of Buya. I have called upon the greatest magicians and healers, and even the brave fighters. Most of them have just laughed at me, while some have listened carefully to my words, but still refused to aid the kingdoms." he paused. "I, myself, cannot do much... for I am growing old child, I am no longer the young warrior I used to be." he chuckled softly.

The young girl hesitated at his response, and whispered, "Are you sure I will be able to complete this task of yours, sir? What if I... I..." she faultered.

"I know that this is a very dangerous task I am asking you to do, and you will have to risk your life for it," the master closed his eyes. "But I wouldn't have asked you to help out if I didn't believe you were ready to. There are many who are impatient, and although they may be a warrior by title, they aren't truly one. You, Callienia Hirijo'uki, are a dedicated student. I believe that you, will become a great and noble warrior."

The young girl smiled at the compliment, and her eyes danced with fire. "Master Tebaek, I shall not disappoint you then. I swear with my life that I will slay the mighty pig avenger before he arrives at the great gates of Buya," she bowed. "And as a trophy, I shall bring back the mighty helm crafted out of the finest metal that he wears."

"May the gods bless you, Callienia Hirijo'uki." he bowed at her.

"Thank you master, I will return when I have completed my task." and with that, she left.

Callienia had ventured far out, studying the ways of a scribe and an alchemist. After long and hard nights, she had managed to create some of the supplies that she would need. She had also decided to visit the four totem animals, for luck, and for their blessings. Before she entered the cave of the pigs, she muttered softly to herself the chants that she had learned, and gathered up all her might.

The cave was confusing, and it took her many long hours until she spotted a glimpse of light. There, stood the mighty pig avenger, prepared for any attackers.

Callienia had never been as scared as she was now. She drew out her blade, and whispered, "In the name of the four totem animals, please protect me from this beast."

The pig avenger had commanded his fellow pigs to surround him, and she frantically tried to keep herself away from the pigs biting at her.

"Use the techniques that I have taught you," her master's voice rang in her head. "Remember what I have taught you.."

There, Callienia gathered up her energy and might, and yelled out, "I am Callienia Hirijo'uki, and I shall exile creatures like you from the kingdoms. Pig, you may be powerful, but you will never destroy the kingdom of Buya!" with that, she swung her blade, and the pigs who were biting her scampered away.

"Foolish slaves," the mighty pig avenger laughed. "You are worthless. You think that you can slay me, warrior? Hah!"

But before the pig avenger knew it, Callienia had started swinging at him with her blade furiously. After a long time, she finally managed to slay him, and she picked up the helm that he wore.

"Master, here is the trophy to prove that I have slain that wretched beast." Callienia said when she finally returned. From then on, Callienia then known as one of the greatest warriors in the lands.