Nexus Biographies


.: My beginning

* you see a small note tacked onto the board, and you open it, *

- finding small words written in scarlet ink and begin to read.. -


. : My first day.. my beginning.

The first steps I ever took.. as a warrior, was when I was three years old. Not two and three quarters, not three and a half, but three. Three and two days, to be exact.

I remember that cool, crisp autumn day. I watched my father swing his blade in awe. I don't know how long I was watching him for, and when I look back at my childhood memories, I'm assuming that it was a pretty long time.. I never got tired of watching though.

My father saw me and smiled. "My little one, what are you doing?" I suppose he thought I knew that he knew what I was saying, because he nodded slowly and said, "Ahh." As I think back again, I realize that I was probably uttering words that didn't make sense at all.

I watched him innocently. "I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing, Ker..?" he laughed. "I'm practising. It takes a lot of work to become a warrior." he looked at me thoughtfully and smiled again. "I'm sure you'd make a very fine one though."

I am now eight years old, and I still remember those words exactly. I took that as a great compliment, as seeing how my father was a great general in the army of Kaya.

From that day on though, I continued studying every move that my father did. Oh, he was a great role model for me, and I still wish that he was here with me to watch me grow up and lead me the right way.. As I was saying.. I watched his every swing, and followed him everywhere. My grandmother noticed that and quickly disapproved of that.

"Keris, I'm sure you'd like to be a warrior like your father here, but females are not allowed to become warriors. Females are the healers of all, just the way the lord has blessed us! You can be thankful for that, so enough about this nonsense.." she said sternly at me one night at the dinner table. "Mother, I'm tired of all of us females, having our futures chosen for us. Can't you let our young Keris choose her own path?" my mother shook her head.

"She's certainly warrior material." my father smiled, and my grandmother sighed. "What can I say.. everyone's against me." she muttered and gave up. "Gran-mah.. pleeses?" I remember me trying utter those words, and I was shocked to see her frown turn the other way, into a smile. "I guess I can't prevent you from becoming what you want to be.." she said sadly, but then grinned slightly. "You.. start studying and make me proud at least then."

Oh, what joy that brought me. My father looked at me one night and smiled. "Young Keris, this was my first weapon ever that I used. It's powerful, but safe to use. I kept this blade just for you.." he handed me a wooden stick.

I looked up at him with bright, shining eyes. "Thank you.. I'll treasure this forever.."

And I still have it, safely kept in my bag as remembrance of my great father.. who was a great teacher.. and who never gave up on me..

So this is my story.. my story of my first day as a warrior, and when I became the one of first female warriors of Kaya.. I hope you find it inspiring.

- Sincerely,

K e r i s `,;