Nexus Biographies



Could it be? Am I the greatest in the land? Could I be the one that everyone remembers?


Dreams, dreams of being known. Dreams of being the best. It's all I could think about my first morning in the nexus. Was I different from anyone else though, aspiring to be the best? Was I different knowning little, but still the same stuff everyone else knew? Was I different at all?

Coming from a farming family to the west, I knew how to take care of myself. But on the streets of Kugnae I knew very little. Food was scarce, gold was scarce, and I found myself hungry that first morning. I wasn't sure if I'd make it in these foreign lands. Knowing no one, knowing nothing all together.

I saw many new people, many mysterious people. People with grand armors and weapons. I followed people to a bustling market, people talking and doing business. I sat down on a bench. I stared at the feet of those people, hoping for that important coin to drop that would buy me food. Soon, an old man came and sat by my side. He had the most beautiful Lavender sphere sitting by his side, and he wore the grandest robes I had ever seen.

I sat there, staring at it for more than an hour. I was glad the man was sitting, writing in a book, for it wouldn't have given me the chance to glare into this sphere for so long. After awhile he sighed, and narrowingly looked at me. I looked him in the eyes and apologized.

Meeting that man I think was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I sat and listened to his rants and raves for hours, I learned alot. Sure, I didn't know him or his name, but he gave me the idea that I'd make it and life would go on. It had gone silent. Glance to the left, and back to where the man was sitting. He was gone. All that was left was the book he had been writing in. I picked it up and began to read:

"Standing in the market I noticed a young boy sitting on the bench staring at the feet of those doing business. He appears to know little aboout the lands. Sitting by him he becomes quite attracted to my Love Charm.

I've observed him glaring into it for around an hour now, not a word out of his mouth. I believe he's strong at heart, and in spirit. He has yet to utilize the tools he already owns. I believe the poet path would be good for him, it'd help him much. If it's true to be, he'll know where it is."

I beleive that's when he began to talk to me. His words were true, and I found all my heart desired at the Poet Guild. I was finally different.