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.: Memories of Snow :.

'Although today is hard to bear, someday it will be a tender memory...'

I still remember his words till this day, and as I look back on those memories, the most tender one brings tears to my eyes. Through all my troubles, he has always been there for me.

During a rough time with my family, I sought the comfort of his words and companionship, but instead, he gave me a hug and a promise that I would have a clear schedule the next day. I was confused and a little hurt, watching him leave with a smile on his face. I did my best to shrug it off and waited till the next day when he tapped on my window.

I groggily climbed out of bed to find him smiling at me. I wanted to tell him that he was insane to wake me before the sun even rose, but his charming smile made the situation forgivable.

He told me to get dressed, in very warm clothing, and meet him down the street when I was done. Now, he was usually not this secretive with me, and even if he was, I would be able to figure out his plans... except this time was another matter.

Half an hour later, I found him at the end of the street with two horses ready for some destination. Still a bit sleepy, I remained quiet during our ride, wherever he was taking me. I rubbed my eyes a few times and yawned, causing him to glance at me. He smirked and sped up, startling me, and forced me to catch up to his speed.

In a few hours, I realized that we had just passed through Neutral Village, still heading north. I wondered aloud how long did we have left till we get 'there'.

"Soon," was his answer, and we were quiet again. By that time, I was awake and enjoying the unfamiliar landscape. In all honesty, I had not travelled that far from home before. I've always known Koguryo my whole life, and rare trips were taken to Buya.

Without realizing it, I snuggled into my thick cloak that he had advised me to take along and made a comment of how cold it had gotten. He chuckled and said, "It gets cold up here. That's what Arctic Village's known for, and..." His voice then trailed as I peered at the side of his face closely. I insisted that he go on, but my thoughts were curiously thinking about the known destination.

He suddenly stopped and looked up to the morning skies. I followed his gazed and stared at the grayish clouds, noticing tiny bits of white drifting down upon us. I reached my hand out to grab some, to feel it against my skin.

"You said you never saw snow before," he said, "What do you think of it now?"

I wasn't sure what I felt, but I wanted to see more. I wanted to see the village of snow. I rushed ahead, not even noticing his trolloping horse behind me.

When I reached the village entrance, I was stunned at the sight. I stopped my horsed and climbed down to the ground. Speechless, I stood in the open and absorbed all I could of the beautiful, glistening snow. Trees covered in the whiteness sprinkled the outer edges like one of those paintings I would see in fancy restaurants.

I walked farther into the village and scanned the area, letting the serenity overwhelm me. I had never been so calm before, but here I was, standing among desolation, finding comfort in it. I closed my eyes, and the coldness and silence seemed to seep into my body, strangely relaxing me.

"Spring is always asleep here," he remarked, standing next to me. I looked at him, smiling, and knelt on the snowy ground to pick up a handfull of the white flakes. Even in a place of coldness and solitude, there's still a bit of warmth what will awaken spring one day, but for now, I'd enjoy the moment.

'Although today is hard to bear, someday it will be a tender memory... if you free everything in your heart.'

Kurosu //\/aito