Nexus Biographies


The Filth Rise

The mighty Pig avenger, guardian to all smaller beings in his realm, the bold piglets, pigs, hogs and boars. They all live in harmony with each other and protect their home. Since the beginning, the Pigs and the Snakes have been in a continuous feud with each other. The two sides even have allowed humans to take an alliance with one side if they did them a favor.

"You sseek to ally yoursself with uss, the ssnakess?" The Mythic Snake hissed at the humans wanting to join ranks and fight the filthy pigs. The group consisted of three. A long haired beautiful, female Mage. A white haired, bandana wearing male Warrior. And a Poet that resembled a girl but yet, was male. "Indeed, we wish to aid you in your quest to conquer over the Pigs." The mighty warrior was confident with his words. "Very well. I assk you to ssimply sslay their leader." The Mythic snake turned around and headed into a small cavern to make plans for the counter attack.

"Pigs! Ready yourself! We soon venture into the realm of the snakes for a battle that may yet tilt this feud on our side! Squads one, two and three, follow me and move out!" The Spirit Pig gave the command. As the Spirit pig and his squads moved out for the attack, the three humans snuck into the realm of the pigs and started their massacre.

"Sir!" A piglet rushed to the Avenger almost out of breath from running. "Our front line of defense! It's being attacked!" The Avenger was startled by this and also confused. Is it the snakes attacking? He thought to himself. No, it couldn't be. "Who is attacking us?" The Avenger questioned with a grunt. "Humans! The snakes must of received help at the last minute." The piglet squealed. "Go help the front line. They must NOT break the third line at all costs. I will assist the second line in a counter attack to ambush these humans." The piglet ran off as fast as it could to get back into battle. Moments later, the Avenger commanded the Pig defenders to guard the third line and have all hogs and boars assist in the counter attack with the Avenger, while the rest of the piglets and pigs would hurry to the front line.

The Avenger and his team hid as best they could and waited to ambush the humans at the door they would enter from if the front line was broken. It soon became quiet, as all fighting in the next room ceased. It was a long moment before anything was heard. A burst of Chung Ryong's fury was heard and a war cry was made from the Warrior as he ran recklessly into the trap. "Huh? Aren't there supposed to be more pigs than just those weakling piglets?" The Warrior seemed puzzled as he saw nothing when he entered.

The Avenger gave a loud squeal to signal the ambush. Pigs from all sides cornered the warrior. Soon, the warrior was on his knees in pain and could no longer stand. Much to the pigs dismay the Poet had rushed in as quick as possible and came to the Warriors assistance. Trailing shortly behind was the Mage. Now the battle had begun.

The pigs almost nearly defeated, the Avenger decided to charge. His legs of brute force slammed into the ground with each step, making small earthquakes. The Avenger gave a loud squeal once more and thrusted his giant hooves into the Warrior's blunt side of the Scale, shattering the blade into pieces and driving his hoof straight into the Warrior's chest, cracking the scalemail he wore. Before the warrior received assistance from the Poet, the Avenger charged again: this time, to the Poet. Before anyone could see what happened, the Poet had been launched against a nearby wall and was now unconscious or dead. The Mage, terrified by the Avenger's brute strength, fled. All remained was a nearly dead warrior with his broken sword. The Avenger lifted his massive right leg and dealt a swift kick to send the Warrior into the wall next to the Poet. The Avenger and the rest of his company gave off a loud victory war cries. "No one can take us over!!" The Avenger yelled with the rest of the pigs.