Nexus Biographies


"A Man's Word"

My father was a wretched, dirty criminal. He left my mother for some younger woman when I was just eleven yuris old. Later, he was finally arrested for theft and murder, and he was thrown in prison. Honestly, I hope he rots there.

I was old enough to see my father rob a few people of gold and other valuables. When I would ask my mother about it, she would break down in tears and tell me that my father was wrong for what he's done. Sometimes, for hours on end, she would explain to me why it was wrong to steal another person's things.

"Look baby, people have to work hard for the things they have. Nothing's free in life. Sometimes it takes yuris of people slaving in the mining fields or cutting down trees or shearing sheep in order to make enough gold to buy the things they have. I've seen men work until their hands have bled. Working is suffering. These people suffer for what they own. And then people like your father, who have never worked a day of their lives and don't know the agony of labor, waltz in and steal things. He didn't just rob a man of his possession. He stole the hundreds of days of that man's life spent working for gold to buy it. This is why you should never steal anything from anyone for any reason."

It was my mother who indirectly drove me to become what I am. I'm a tradesman by the name of Kyung. I specialize in the recovery of stolen goods, but I also am a freelance treasure hunter. My motto is, "If I can't find it, I'll buy it for you out of my own purse." I consider myself a good man, and the reason is because I always keep my word. I live by the famous cliche, "A man is only as good as his word."

This is why I stood before the entrace to the cave where mythic pigs are known to dwell. I've braved many dangers in my life, but nothing could compare to this. My hands trembled involuntarily, and my knees felt shaky. Sweat poured from my forehead and stung my eyes, and it was all I could do to stop myself from breathing too quickly. Finally, after a bottle of rice wine, I was able to summon enough courage to enter the cave.

Blending in with the shadows and cloaking myself to avoid detection from raging boars and pigs roaming through the cave, I finally arrived at the room where pig avengers had been spotted many times before. I was almost relieved to see he wasn't there until I heard thunderous footsteps from around a corner. The mighty beast appeared and looked down at me hungrily when he spotted me, and I felt fear crawl from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. He was massive. Nearly four times my height with burning red eyes and glowing flesh. It was awesome and terrifying. He could slay me easily in a blow or two.

But I spotted the fiery sun helmet upon his head, and the memory of my promise came back to me. I was inspired to fight by Kubera, and I laid a trap for him as he charged towards me. Years of experience allowed me to set it quickly enough to escape before he was on top of me. He set it off, and he let out a shrill squeal of pain as his vitality fell low. I lept in the air and threw two daggers into his eyes blinding him. Landing behind him, I drew my blood and sliced at the back of his legs, bringing him down to his knees. As he struggled, I leapt upon his back and clung for dear life. The beast thrashed wildly trying to throw me off and he nearly succeeded several times, but I'd positioned myself just out of his reach. Finally, after stabbing him repeatedly, he was weakened to the point where I was able to slit his throat and end his life. I took the helmet from his head and walked away in triumph.

Later that evening, the young lady who requested the sun helmet was waiting for me in the marketplace in Kugnae. I bowed to her as I handed her the helmet and received my payment. She smiled and said, "You've kept your word again, sir. Thank you."

"A man's only as good as his word," I replied as I winked and walked away.