Nexus Biographies


The Burning of the Creed

The cold north winds blew across the face of a fallen old man. Standing over him was the Kaesang Whirlwind, and three Chongun dressed in black dopos. They stood over him, ominously watching his slow, metronomic breathing pulsate the blood that flowed from his wounds.

"Leave us," ordered the bearded Kaesang Whirlwind.

At his command, the three Chonguns dressed in black dopos sheathed their blades, and left the Kaesang Whirlwind with the old man.

"And so it has come to this, my friend," coughed the old man.

"So it has," replied the Kaesang Whirlwind, as he stared at the fallen old man come to his feet.

The Whirlwind called for one of the Chonguns dressed in black. A young Chongun came running, carrying with him a pile of ginko wood, and a single parchment which he cautiously handed to the Kaesang Whirlwind.

"Run home to the Sodo lad. You need not see this," whispered the Kaesang Whirlwind.

The boy turned around and began to run, the old man began to follow him out the large red doors. A yell from the Kaesang Whirlwind stopped him in his tracks.

"Not you! You need to witness this." And with those words, the Kaesang Whirlwind lit the ginko wood and parchment on fire. The flames engulfed both, just slow enough for the old man to read the bolded title that lay etched into the parchment...

The Chongun Creed.