Nexus Biographies


The Old Man and his Tea

The doors of Heaven's Gateway barged open with the kingdoms winds, and the smell of cooked goods from the kitchen flowed out to the sea of Dae Shore. The Kaesang Whirlwind and three Chonguns dressed in black dopos marched toward the old man, who sat on the floor drinking tea. Their swords unsheathed, and their hands were shaking, their destiny chosen. The old man looked up and stared at the Chonguns for a moment. Smiling, he took another sip from his cup.

"I never thought it would be you," whispered the old man as he took another sip.

"It is Fudo Myoo's will," answered the Kaesang Whirlwind.

The old man nodded in agreement, took one last sip of his herbal tea, set it down on the floor, and stood up. "It is his will."

His words dispersed through the winds he unsheathed his blade and the battle commenced.