Nexus Biographies


Enhanced Drink - Burt

Burt the Chongun sat..

The joy of the party
whirled all around him
Couples dancing,
Bottles uncorking

It was a wondrous wedding!
Ladies dressed in silks
Only the finest
The creme de la creme!

Sweet pearl drop cake
and fine vintage moon wine
All sat on finery
adorning the tables

Burt felt no rejoicing
Why, he'd done dozens of weddings
Uniting two souls,
creating harmonious matrimony

He had been the life of the weddin'
On the dance floor,
His feet were the spryest
Whilst every couple hung on his words

And now he just sat
At the table, cake and wine
His services no longer needed
His feet taking up space

Burt reached one hand over
And uncapped a dark bottle
Its flavor was ambery grain
He drank from his wounded pride

But as he tasted from the wine,
the flavor, how it thickened!
The shy nibble turned to a bite,
the grain to a hearty red fog

Burt pulled the wine from his lips
Gave it a once, then a twice over
Why, the wine was so much stronger!
Burt looked from the left.. to the right..

// ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * //

Soon Burt the Chongun
was the life of the party again
Though he still sat at the table,
now everyone sat with him!

They drank his sweet wine
It made them twice the dancers
Their robes looked much finer
And Burt much happier