Nexus Biographies


Ode to the Tiger

A noble name, he surely had
But the only one known was "Claw"

In a time when the world was awry
With scores of demons he did brawl

A loner, surely, though with a heart for others
Claw was the last of his kind

The blade he bore shone vermillion
And as it whirred, a bright light would blind

When the demons of Rahu tore through the land
The voices of men lifted up to the sky

They asked the gods for help
It was him that answered, his sword the reply

Two years the battle raged on
Two years he fought

But when the fires of battle burned low
It seemed all would be for naught

Ragu's body was found,
Slain by Claw's noble hand

But Claw too lay dying
His spirit flying from the land

Again Man cried out
And the gods favored them

Their savior was uplifted
Though the thread of life was trimmed

With celestial hands reshaping,
His form was made anew

His hands took on his namesake,
His hair: his sword's deadly hue

Though beast he is,
These lands he ever guards

To watch and to teach,
And be on the lips of young bards