Nexus Biographies



The darkened skies
Met a shield bereft of light
He climbed alone
Heaven's Ascent that night

What lonely solace
The view provided
Weary, with the earth
His weapons collided

The clouds closed 'round him
The whisper of a gentle breeze
Four totems rose in the darkness
The grass slowly met his knees

"I come before you broken,"
The man whispered to the winds
His head sagged downwards
Heavy laden with his sins

"I only wish to be...
Other than I am,"
He trembled as he spoke
his soul others condemned

And as he spoke,
The statues seemed to listen
They heard the man's story
Though silent, paid attention

When he had finished
The totems came to life
"The Chonguns have heard you,
And are moved by your plight"

Forgiveness and mercy
He found that night
His shield transformed
Into one bearing light